79% of consumers expect a response in the first 24 hours.


Community management is talking to your customers online, whether that be for inbound comments, reaching out to potential customers or answering questions online on social media platforms. While traditional marketing focuses on increasing the number of customers, community management marketing nurtures the customer relationship. The goal is to generate engagement to nurture existing customers or to help prospects understand why you’re the best company to help them.


At its core, social media is all about generating engagement. Community management keeps the momentum that you’ve built with your business and your brand. Great community management also protects your business from the reputational damage of offensive comments.


A community manager builds, mantains and moderates your brand’s social media communities. Their daily tasks usually include replying to comments and questions, hiding inappropriate or offensive comments, reporting on the most engaging content, and helping content creators with ideas and suggestions.


Social media community management is essential to your digital customer service. It’s nurturing, growing and moderating the fans, followers and commenters on your branded socials. Usually a community manager, or community management team, spend their day replying to comments and concerns, escalating problems to the right people, encouraging engagement and reporting back to the other teams.

At its core, Social Community Management is all about generating engagement and keeping the momentum that you’ve built with your business and your brand.

Whilst traditional marketing focuses on increasing the number of customers, those relationships need to be precisely managed.

There is simply no point in spending what might be huge amounts of time, money and energy in getting new leads for your business, when they can disappear overnight to a competitor or because they didn’t feel connected to you, your brand or your business.

With consumers having so many different options today in any market – whether it’s traditional retail, eCommerce, finance or fitness – it is the Customer Experience and relationship-driven aspect of a company that will keep consumers coming back to you.

Instead of your competition.

This is where Eight Clients can provide you with a highly tailored Social Community Management plan, to achieve the level of customer-connection required for success in today’s hyper-competitive online business environments.

One that takes into account your market, your customers and what they love about doing business with you and your brand.

From start to finish, we will work with you to understand exactly how you wish your social community to be managed.

Whether that’s how to handle specific complaints that come up time and time again.

Whether it’s reducing the number of complaints, minimising the time it takes to resolve complaints, or even eliminating certain types of complaints completely (useful if you want to blow competitors out of the water!).

Or whether you need a strategy that takes into account customer response, customer complaints whilst increasing engagement across your social channels simultaneously…

We will put together something that works for you.

Do you want us to reply directly to each person who likes, comments or even subscribes to your channels?

If so, we can do that.

Do you want us to spend more time understanding the mindset of your customers and crafting longer form responses to their questions?

Of course, we can do that, too.

Or maybe you’d like us to spend time focusing on only the social channels that work best for your audience.

LinkedIn might be a way better fit than Facebook, for example.

And even if you don’t know, we will happily offer our advice and expertise about the best data and strategies to use in order to find out.

So, what does a good Social Community Management strategy look like and how do we deliver this at Eight Clients?

Simply put, we’re great at creating engaging conversations and our Community Managers will act as the Face Behind Your Brand.

Bad review?

No problem.

Need to give customers instructions on how to use your product or find your business?

We’re your talking GPS and instruction manual.

Whatever your business does, we understand how to speak to your customers in their own language, and through monitoring your social pages, we work to ensure that no comment, review or complaint slips through the gaps.

What does this look like in practice then?

First of all, we work closely with you to understand your goals.

We want to know what your dream outcome is going to be from community management.

Increased customer value so you can make more money?

Less complaints so you can spend more time improving the product?

Or perhaps it’s a pristine online image that allows your customers to grow your brand for you via word of mouth.

In fact, we can help you achieve all of these. And that’s exactly what a lot of our clients ask for, too!

And whilst this is perfectly possible, perhaps more importantly is how we work together to define how to *measure* these outcomes, and what success looks like in concrete, tangible terms.

So you can justify the ROI of the services you’re spending money on.

Because at the end of the day, if you’re running a profitable business you need to be able to see numbers that are growing.

So now we’ve defined what success looks like for you and how you’re going to measure it, what next?

Broadly speaking, Eight Clients delivers two options to our customers for Social Community Management.

1. Inbound Community Management
2. Outbound Community Management

Whether you’d like one or both simply depends on how extensive and ambitious your Community Management goals are going to be.

Inbound Community Management looks at managing all comments, likes and posts your brands receives from customers and engaged parties online. These might be customer support or sales inquiries.

Outbound Community Management reaches out to potential new customers, and engage with them in order to build their sense of relationship with a brand.

Doing more of the second means we can build a reliable, generative system for identifying and targeting potential new clients which means further growth for your business.


The final responsibility of your community manager is to communicate directly with Customers.

Whether this is answering questions, resolving complaints or just generally interacting with in a pleasant manner, this is crucial to keeping Customers onboard.

Eight Clients’ Managers are able to understand questions from a variety of different sources, but also intelligent enough to direct the questions and flow of information to the relevant places where Customers can get real answers.

Putting it all together

So, right now you’re about ready to get started, right?

Social Media Community management is a hugely important part of your brand as it focuses on maintaining the readership you have built up over the life of your company.

If you’re unsure of where to start or simply want to reduce your workload whilst improving your results online, we can help build you a brand and an online reputation you’re proud of, that guarantees results.

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