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At Eight Clients, we understand that your brand’s heartbeat is its community. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the people, the conversations, and the relationships that turn casual social media user into loyal customers. And let’s face it, in the digital bazaar of social media, your online reputation is your currency.

Engaging communities on social media is at the heart of what we do. We dive into the heart of conversations, responding to comments, addressing questions, and sharing content that resonates with your audience. Our focus is on building genuine connections, fostering relationships with influencers and community members alike. By becoming a trusted voice within these communities, we help cultivate a sense of loyalty and participation around your brand. Our approach ensures that your audience is not just following you, but is actively invested in your company and its mission.

What It Is

What Is Community Management?

Community management isn’t just a piece of the social media management puzzle—it can make or break it. Whether you need to contact potential clients through inbound comments, answer questions online on social media platforms, or actively reach out to potential clients, we have the solutions you need.

While traditional marketing aims to expand your customer base, our community management takes it a step further. We focus on nurturing relationships through regular, personalised human interactions, fostering a sense of community that leads to loyalty and sales. Our approach helps prospects understand why your brand is the brand to look out for, ensuring that every engagement opportunity is maximised.

The Role Of A Social Media Community Manager

Think of a community manager as the behind-the-scenes hero of your brand’s social media presence. They engage with your audience and provide thoughtful responses to comments and inquiries. Vigilant in upholding the integrity of your online community, they moderate discussions and manage inappropriate content with discretion. Additionally, they collaborate closely with your content team, offering insights and feedback to keep your social media strategy sharp and effective.

Maximising Your Social Media Community

The How To’s of Community Management Solutions

At its core, social media is all about generating engagement. With our expert social media consultancy, community management maintains the momentum that you’ve built with your business and your brand. Effective community management solutions also shield your business from reputational damage in the event of a crisis. When a brand has great community management,  this brings about lead generation, turning active community participation into valuable leads for your business.

Social media thrives on engagement, and our community management solutions are designed to amplify this.

Generating Buzz and Creating Conversations

We ignite the spark that gets people talking about your brand. By crafting and sharing content that resonates, we initiate and sustain buzz-worthy conversations, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of your audience’s minds.

Interacting and Engaging in Meaningful Conversations

True engagement is more than just automated responses; it’s about humanising your brand. We delve into meaningful interactions with your customers, showcasing the human touch behind every post and reply. By understanding their needs and perspectives, we ensure that each response is personalised and thoughtful. This approach not only addresses concerns but also connects on a human level, transforming every interaction into a step towards a stronger, more authentic relationship with your audience.

Building Relationships That Convert

At the core of our strategy is the goal to turn every follower into a loyal customer. By nurturing these relationships through consistent, thoughtful engagement, we help build a community of brand advocates. This loyalty doesn’t just boost your online presence; it translates into tangible sales growth, as a loyal community is more likely to choose your brand time and again.

To see these strategies in action, explore our success stories with brands like Hills, Next Story Group, and Indomie, where our teams have built vibrant communities, driving tangible results. Discover how we can tailor these strategies to elevate your brand’s social media presence.

What Our Clients Say About Our Social Media Services

Broni LisleBroni Lisle
05:16 02 Dec 22
Eight Clients understand what problems I have in my business and they have a interminable faucet of... ideas to help solve them. Every time I meet with them I leave extremely inspired and better for it. Working with them is like having a super power secret that other people don’t know about. Can not recommend them enough.read more
Indofood OnlineIndofood Online
23:40 13 Nov 22
We have been dealing with Eight Clients mostly with Marcus, Michaela and Gwen for the last 4 years... and these team have been working above and beyond to get the best content/photoshot/etc for the brand/product they work on. They are a very friendly team, approachable anytime of the day/night and we definitely the A team to be working with.Well done team !!read more
Henry TrumbleHenry Trumble
21:32 08 Nov 22
The team at Eight Clients are great to work with, everybody is totally hands on and they aren't... afraid to do whatever work is needed for the best possible result.read more
Joshua PooleJoshua Poole
00:55 09 Oct 22
Eight Clients do one thing and one thing only, they grow social media presences for businesses all... shapes and sizes. Marcus has been in the space for a long time, when you speak with him, you know he knows his stuff.read more
Jaxson GarniJaxson Garni
10:48 22 Jul 22
Marcus has been able to shine light on something that was so impossible in my mind for such a long... time. He was able to explain everything in such a understandable way and really listened to what I was trying to achieve for myself and my business. Couldn’t recommend enough!!!!read more
04:25 19 Jul 22
Marcus' training was extremely informative and beneficial to my social media marketing knowledge.... He thoroughly went over the content to ensure understanding and answered our specific questions. I would greatly recommend to anyone who is looking to extend and further their knowledge and skill set.read more

Reasons To Get Your Strategy

How Can Our Community Management Service Scale Your Business?

The Fans

Do You Need Social Media Community Management?

Social media community management is essential to your online customer service. It’s all about nurturing, growing and moderating the fans, followers and commenters on your branded socials. Usually, a community manager, or community management solutions team, spend their day replying to comments and concerns, escalating problems to the right people, encouraging engagement and reporting back to the other teams.


Build Positive Online Communities

At their core, social community management solutions are all about generating engagement and keeping the momentum that you’ve built with your business and your brand. Whilst traditional marketing focuses on increasing the number of customers, those relationships need to be precisely managed.

Customer Retention

Develop Genuine Relationships

There is simply no point in spending huge amounts of time, money and energy in getting new leads, when they can disappear overnight because they didn’t feel connected to your brand or business.

The new reality is that consumers have so many different options, in any market – whether it’s traditional retail, eCommerce, finance or fitness. This means it’s the Customer Experience and relationship-driven aspect of a company that will keep consumers loyal.

Our ​​community management solutions are specifically designed with customer retention in mind. We care about building positive online communities that bolster your brand and enrich your revenue.


Engaging Your Community

Answer Questions & Avoid Complaints

Do you need a strategy that takes care of customer response and customer complaints, whilst increasing engagement across your social channels simultaneously?

Do you want us to reply directly to each person who likes, comments or even subscribes to your channels? We can make it happen.

Eight Clients creates community management solutions that are customised to the needs of your business.

Social Media That’s Right For Your Business

Do you want us to spend more time understanding the mindset of your customers and crafting longer-form responses to their questions?

The more information you can gain from your customers, the better you can meet their needs. This ethos is embedded in our community management services.

Or maybe you’d like us to spend time focusing on only the social channels that work best for your audience? LinkedIn might be a way better fit than Facebook, for example.

And even if you don’t know, we will happily offer our advice and expertise about the best data and strategies to use in order to find out.

Get Positive Comments, Ratings & Reviews

So, what are ​​community management solutions and what does a successful strategy look like? And, how do we deliver this at Eight Clients?

Simply put, our Community Managers will act as the Face Behind Your Brand. We’re great at creating exciting and engaging conversations – turning casual followers into paying customers.

Bad review? No problem. Need to give customers instructions on how to use your product or find your business? We’re your talking GPS and instruction manual.

Whatever your business does, we understand how to speak to your customers in their own language, and through monitoring your social pages, we work to ensure that no comment, review or complaint slips through the gaps.

Attract Followers And Drive Growth

What does this look like in practice, then? First of all, we work closely with you to understand your goals.

We want to know what your dream outcome is going to be from community management solutions.

Community management solutions mean: Less customer churn, so you can make more money. Fewer complaints, so you can spend more time improving the product. A pristine online image, so your customers to grow your brand for you via word of mouth.

We can help you achieve all of these. Just as importantly, we work together to define how to *measure* these outcomes, so that you can justify the ROI of the services you’re spending money on.


Community Management Plans

Customer Connection

Eight Clients can provide you with a highly tailored social community management plan. It’s the strategy to achieve the level of customer connection required for success, in today’s hyper-competitive online business environments.

From Start To Finish

Our plans take into account your market, customers, and what they love about doing business with you and your brand. From start to finish, we will work with you so you understand our community management solutions and how they can best help your business.

Reduce Complaints

We can reduce the number of complaints, minimise the time it takes to resolve complaints, or even eliminate certain types of complaints completely. Useful if you want to blow competitors out of the water!

The Approach

A Two-Tiered Approach To Community Management

So now we’ve defined what success looks like for you and how you’re going to measure it, what next?

Broadly speaking, Eight Clients delivers two types of Social Community Management services:

1. Inbound community management
2. Outbound community management

Whether you’d like one or both simply depends on how extensive and ambitious your Community Management goals are going to be.

Inbound Community Management looks at managing all comments, likes and posts your brand receives from customers and engaged parties online. These might be customer support or sales inquiries.

Outbound Community Management reaches out to potential new customers, and engage with them in order to build their sense of relationship with a brand

Doing more of the second means we can build a reliable, generative system for identifying and targeting potential new clients which means further growth for your business.


Facebook Community Management Tools

Is your business trying to generate revenue via Facebook? If so, our community management services are essential to your success. We can put you ahead of the competition and create a marketplace that drives traffic and increases engagement.

We do this with a range of techniques that are specific to Facebook. We’ve spent years developing a suite of services specific to the platform. Our aim is to create thriving communities and increase engagement.

We want your customer to be able to come together to post positive experiences of your products and services and share tips, tricks and content. It’s hard to put a price on this kind of online community. But we see our Facebook Community Management Tools generating real revenue for our clients, every single day.

Interested in diversifying your social media presence?

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Where We Are

Community Management Agency Locations

We work with clients throughout Australia. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business grow.


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Our Blog

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Community Management Agency

Less But Better

Fewer Clients Means Greater Results

Tailored Community Management

Your Brand’s Digital Pulse

So, how do we ensure your brand is the one they trust? By offering community management solutions that are as unique as your brand. Whether you’re looking to start fresh or aiming to elevate your current online presence, we’ve got the expertise to make it happen.

We tailor our pricing packages to fit snugly with your goals. From managing those crucial online ratings and reviews to sparking engaging conversations that resonate with your audience, we’re all about delivering results that you can see and feel.

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