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Step into the future of marketing with Eight Clients, where artificial intelligence in marketing isn’t just a concept – it’s our reality. We’re at the forefront of integrating social media AI to transform how brands engage and connect. Imagine your social media campaigns, supercharged by AI content creator tools, delivering content that captivates and converts. With our expertise in AI advertising, we’re not just following trends; we’re creating them. From the precision of our Scroll Stopping Strategy™ to the innovation of our Instagram Marketing, every move is calculated, creative, and AI-empowered. Welcome to a new era of digital marketing, where AI meets creativity and strategy meets technology.

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AI-Driven Marketing Services

Ever wondered how AI is reshaping the marketing landscape? At Eight Clients, we’re enhancing our marketing strategies with the power of AI, utilising tools and insights designed to make your work smarter and more effective. With AI workshops and consulting services, we’re constantly upskilling our team to stay ahead in the AI revolution. Our approach involves leveraging AI tools for business, enhancing everything from content creation to social media management. It’s like having a digital wizard at your fingertips, transforming data into actionable insights and strategies. Whether it’s through AI-driven content analysis or optimising social media campaigns, our AI-integrated approach ensures your marketing is not just effective, but also innovative and fun. AI in social media is not just changing the game – it’s redefining it!

Paid Advertising

Elevate your brand’s reach with our AI-enhanced Paid Advertising, a pinnacle of AI in advertising.

  • AI Marketing Solutions: Utilise AI algorithms for precise audience targeting and ad placement.
  • AI Digital Marketing Agency Expertise: Leverage AI tools to analyse campaign performance and optimise in real-time.
  • AI for Sales: AI-driven insights to maximise ROI and reduce ad spend wastage.
  • Creative Optimisation: Use AI to test and refine ad creatives for maximum impact.
  • Market Trends: Stay ahead with AI-powered insights into evolving market trends and consumer behaviours.

Social Media Management

Revolutionise your online presence with our AI-driven Social Media Management, a core aspect of social media AI.

  • AI Social Media Content: AI tools to tailor content to audience preferences and engagement patterns.
  • Automated Scheduling: Efficiently manage posts with AI-optimised scheduling.
  • Engagement Analytics: Use AI to track and enhance user engagement and reach.
  • Crisis Management: AI-assisted monitoring for quick response to social media crises or negative feedback.
  • AI Tools for Business: Gain an edge with AI-enabled competitor social media strategy analysis.

Content Creation & Creative Marketing

Unleash creativity with AI’s touch in our Content Creation & Creative Marketing, showcasing the best of AI content creation.

  • AI Content Creator: AI-powered tools to generate fresh and innovative content ideas.
  • SEO Optimisation: Use AI for keyword analysis and SEO-enhanced content creation.
  • Visual Content: Leverage AI for creating stunning visuals and video content.
  • User Engagement: AI analysis of user interaction to refine content strategy.
  • AI Content Creation Agency: Ensure consistent brand messaging across all content with AI assistance.

Facebook Marketing

Harness the power of AI to redefine your Facebook Marketing strategy, a testament to AI in marketing.

  • AI Marketing Agency Insights: Deep dive into audience demographics and interests with AI analytics.
  • Ad Personalization: Create highly personalised ads using AI-driven data.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor and adjust campaigns with AI for optimal performance.
  • Interactive Content: Develop AI-powered interactive posts for higher engagement.
  • AI Tools for Marketing Agency: Employ AI for efficient A/B testing of ad elements.

Threads Marketing

Innovate your Threads Marketing with our AI-integrated approach, blending AI marketing solutions with creativity.

  • Thread Analysis: AI tools to analyse and optimise marketing threads.
  • Audience Engagement: Enhance audience interaction within threads using AI insights.
  • Content Sequencing: Strategically sequence thread content for maximum impact with AI guidance.
  • Real-time Adjustments: Make real-time adjustments to threads based on AI feedback.
  • AI in Social Media: Seamlessly integrate threads across multiple platforms with AI support.

Tiktok Marketing

Take your TikTok Marketing to new heights with AI’s cutting-edge capabilities, a showcase of AI for marketing.

  • Trend Prediction: Stay ahead of trends with AI-powered predictions.
  • Content Optimisation: Optimise TikTok content for maximum viewer engagement using AI.
  • Hashtag Strategy: Develop effective hashtag strategies with AI analysis.
  • Viral Potential Analysis: Assess the viral potential of content with AI tools.
  • AI Marketer Strategies: Use AI to identify and implement strategies for boosting engagement.

How Does AI Marketing Work?

Professionals often find themselves in quirky predicaments. Have you ever experienced a Monday morning where you’re just staring blankly at your computer screen. Your coffee’s gone cold, and so have your content ideas. The deadline is looming, and all you can think about is whether your cat’s judgmental stare is warranted. You’re tasked with understanding complex customer data and creating personalised content.

It’s moments like these, amidst the chaos of trying to stay ahead of market trends, that the challenges of marketing feel not just overwhelming but almost comical. These are the times when inefficiencies and missed opportunities are not just a possibility but a looming reality. Here’s where AI steps in to be your ally in navigating these marketing mazes.

Step 1: AI Workshops and Training

  • Begin with AI workshops and training sessions to demystify AI and empower your team with industry insights and productivity boosters.
  • Learn best practices to avoid risks and effectively implement AI in your marketing strategies.

Step 2: Strategic AI Consulting

  • Develop a strategic blueprint for your business with AI consulting.
  • Plan your AI policy and establish team guidelines to navigate through the AI landscape seamlessly.

Step 3: AI Tool Development and Automations

  • Partner with AI experts to develop custom tools, prototypes, and workflow automations.
  • Enhance your team’s capacity and capabilities, making marketing processes more efficient and data-driven.

Step 4: Content and Creative Services with AI

  • Utilise AI content and creative services to boost your output and optimise campaign performance.
  • Leverage AI for data-driven content creation, ensuring relevance and engagement.

Step 5: Data Science and Custom AI Models

  • Unlock the potential of your data with data science services.
  • Fine-tune AI models on your company data for internal use, like chatbots, to navigate data and documents efficiently.

Step 6: AI Policy, Governance, and Strategy

  • Set a company AI policy and establish ethical frameworks for AI use.
  • Develop a unified AI strategy and roadmap to invest across your business, ensuring responsible and effective AI integration.

Step 7: Assessing AI's Impact

  • Conduct a 360º AI impact assessment to understand how AI can transform your industry and business model.
  • Identify opportunities to boost your business potential with AI-driven insights.

AI in marketing is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about understanding and integrating these tools into your marketing strategy to work smarter, not harder. By following these steps, marketers can effectively harness the power of AI to enhance their campaigns, understand their audience better, and stay ahead in the competitive market.


Powering the Industry with AI

We work with a bunch of different industries.
We don’t work with real estate agencies (sorry John, stop asking).
If your industry isn’t here, don’t stress, book a Steal Our Ideas session and you can see if we are a good fit.

Pet Products
Hospitality & Hotels
Social Enterprises

Pet Products

Think of us as your brand’s best friend. We use artificial intelligence in marketing to fetch insights that help your products become the talk of the dog park. Our AI content creators? They’re like those cool dogs that know all the tricks – crafting social media content that has pet lovers sitting up and taking notice.

So, if your pet brand isn’t getting the belly rubs it deserves online, let’s have a chat. We’re here to make sure your brand isn’t just another pup in the pack but the one that leads the pack. No old tricks, just clever, AI-driven strategies that make your brand the one every pet owner wants to fetch.

Learn more about how we help pet brands →

Hospitality & Hotels

Remember the good old days when booking a room was as simple as a phone call? Well, we’re bringing back that personal touch, but with a twist of AI magic. Our AI marketing agency is like the concierge of the digital world – always there, always helpful, and always knowing what your guests need before they do.

We’re not just about filling rooms; we’re about creating experiences. With AI for sales and guest interactions, we make every check-in feel like a warm welcome. So, if your hotel is more than just a place to sleep, but a place where memories are made, let’s chat. We’re here to ensure your guests don’t just stay the night; they stay impressed. And no, we’re not branching out into real estate, John. We’re just really good at making hotels stand out. Seriously, stop asking.

Learn more about how we help hospitality brands and hotels →


For FMCG, AI marketing solutions are crucial. We use AI in advertising to analyse market trends and consumer behaviour, ensuring your products stand out. We work behind-the-scenes,, specialising in supply chain optimisation and targeted advertising. We keep your brand not just relevant, but a step ahead, always ready to respond to the ever-changing market.

So, if you’re looking for a marketing partner that keeps your FMCG brand in the spotlight (and out of the shadows), you’re in the right place. We’re all about making sure your products are the ones consumers reach for first—every time.

Learn more about how we help FMCG brands →


AI in marketing for SaaS companies means smarter user experiences and personalised marketing efforts. Our AI digital marketing agency focuses on user behavior analytics and retention strategies, anticipating and fulfilling customer needs with precision.

That’s where our unique AI-driven approach comes into play. We’re not just tracking clicks and views; we’re delving into the heart of user experience. Our strategy is tailored to uncover what makes your users tick, from their first interaction to their hundredth login. We focus on crafting personalised marketing efforts that speak directly to your audience’s needs and desires. With our expertise, your SaaS company won’t just be another option in the app store; it’ll be the go-to solution that users can’t live without.

Learn more about how we help SaaS businesses →


Thirsty for something different in your marketing? Let’s stir things up a bit. It’s not just about quenching thirst; it’s about creating a splash. And that’s where we come in with our AI marketing mixology.

Using AI social media content and trend analysis, we mix up campaigns that are the perfect blend of zesty and refreshing. We’re here to make your brand the one everyone’s toasting to.

So, if you’re ready to turn your beverage brand into the talk of the town (or the internet), let’s raise a glass to AI-powered marketing. We’re all about crafting those buzz-worthy moments that get people talking, sharing, and, most importantly, sipping.

Learn more about how we help beverage brands →


Ecommerce isn’t just about selling products; it’s about creating shopping experiences that feel like they’ve been tailor-made for each customer. We’re not just setting up shop online; we’re crafting personalised shopping journeys that turn casual browsers into loyal buyers.

We use AI tools to build recommendation engines that are like your personal shopping assistants. They don’t just suggest products; they get to know your customers’ tastes and preferences, making every recommendation feel like it’s been handpicked just for them.

And when it comes to engaging your customers, our AI content creation ensures your Ecommerce brand isn’t just another storefront in the digital mall. Instead, it becomes a destination that customers return to, time and again, for that unique, personalised touch they can’t find anywhere else. Let’s turn browsing into an adventure that ends with a satisfied purchase – every single time.

Learn more about how we help ecommerce brands →


In charities, every message counts and every donor is a story waiting to be part of your mission. That’s where our approach to AI marketing steps in, not just as a tool, but as a bridge connecting your cause with the hearts and minds of those who care.

We’re not just about crunching numbers and analysing data; we’re about understanding the pulse of generosity. Our AI-driven strategies are tailored to understand the unique motivations of your donors. We segment them not just by demographics, but by the passions that drive their generosity, ensuring your message isn’t just heard, but felt.

Personalisation is key in our communications strategy. We believe that every donor interaction should feel like a personal conversation, not a broadcast message. By leveraging AI, we craft communications that resonate on a personal level, making each donor feel valued and understood.

And when it comes to maximising fundraising we use predictive analytics to foresee fundraising opportunities and optimise your campaigns. We ensure that your message doesn’t just reach an audience, but the right audience at the perfect time.

We help amplify the voice of your charity. To turn empathy into action and goodwill into impactful donations.

Learn more about how we help charities with their marketing →

Social Enterprise

For social enterprises, AI in social media and marketing amplifies your impact.Every message counts, and every campaign can spark a movement. That’s where our AI-infused marketing strategies come into play. Think of us as your digital strategist and storyteller, weaving your mission into every post and tweet. We’re here to help you navigate the complex waters of social media with AI-powered precision, ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear.

Our approach isn’t just about broadcasting messages; it’s about creating conversations and building communities. We use AI to delve deep and uncover what resonates with your audience. This isn’t just marketing; it’s about forging connections and fostering a sense of belonging around your cause. From crafting value-driven campaigns that tug at heartstrings to targeting supporters who are ready to take action, we’re all about amplifying your impact.

But it’s not all just high-tech wizardry. We blend the latest AI tools with a human touch, ensuring your campaigns are as empathetic as they are effective. We’re here to help your social enterprise not just reach but resonate with people, turning passive observers into active participants and advocates for your cause. With our AI marketing solutions, you’re not just spreading a message; you’re igniting a change.

Learn more about how we help social enterprises →

Experience the Power of AI in Marketing

Better Results Start Here!

Embracing AI means not just keeping up with the competition but setting the pace.

A significant number of marketers recognise AI as a critical component for success, it’s clear that AI is reshaping the industry. By automating repetitive tasks and analysing complex data, AI empowers marketing teams to focus on creative and strategic endeavors, driving efficiency and innovation.

The growing wave of AI adoption and experimentation in marketing signals a pivotal shift, calling professionals to embrace this technological evolution. It’s an invitation to step into a realm where innovation meets efficiency, transforming the very fabric of marketing strategies.

Dive into the AI era with us, and you’re not just stepping up your game – you’re playing in a whole new league. It’s where growth isn’t just a goal; it’s an exciting adventure, and success is not just achieved, but redefined.

Why Choose Eight Clients for Your AI Marketing Needs?

At Eight Clients, we don’t just promise – we deliver. Our unique approach to AI marketing sets us apart in a world where everyone claims to be the best. We’re about showing tangible results With our focus on ‘Scroll Stopping Strategy™’, we turn the spotlight on your brand, ensuring it’s not just another face in the digital crowd, but the one that everyone remembers.

a person holding a bottle of Batiste shampoo
  • Tailored AI Tools for Business: We understand that each brand is unique. That’s why we employ AI tools that are not just powerful but also tailored to fit your specific business needs. Whether it’s through AI in social media or cutting-edge analytics, we ensure that every strategy is data-driven and results-oriented.
  • Partnership and Collaboration: Your goals are our goals. We work closely with you, integrating our AI expertise with your brand vision. This synergy allows us to create campaigns that resonate with your audience and align with your business objectives.
  • Proven Results, Not Just Promises: Our track record speaks for itself. From driving engagement to breaking sales records, we let our work do the talking. Our clients’ success stories are a testament to our effective strategies and creative prowess.
  • Let’s Talk Strategy: Ready to see the difference? Let’s discuss how we can elevate your brand with our AI marketing solutions. With transparent pricing and a strategy tailored to your needs, we’re here to guide you through every step of the journey.

Our AI Marketing Clients

Broni LisleBroni Lisle
05:16 02 Dec 22
Eight Clients understand what problems I have in my business and they have a interminable faucet of... ideas to help solve them. Every time I meet with them I leave extremely inspired and better for it. Working with them is like having a super power secret that other people don’t know about. Can not recommend them enough.read more
Indofood OnlineIndofood Online
23:40 13 Nov 22
We have been dealing with Eight Clients mostly with Marcus, Michaela and Gwen for the last 4 years... and these team have been working above and beyond to get the best content/photoshot/etc for the brand/product they work on. They are a very friendly team, approachable anytime of the day/night and we definitely the A team to be working with.Well done team !!read more
Henry TrumbleHenry Trumble
21:32 08 Nov 22
The team at Eight Clients are great to work with, everybody is totally hands on and they aren't... afraid to do whatever work is needed for the best possible result.read more
Joshua PooleJoshua Poole
00:55 09 Oct 22
Eight Clients do one thing and one thing only, they grow social media presences for businesses all... shapes and sizes. Marcus has been in the space for a long time, when you speak with him, you know he knows his stuff.read more
Jaxson GarniJaxson Garni
10:48 22 Jul 22
Marcus has been able to shine light on something that was so impossible in my mind for such a long... time. He was able to explain everything in such a understandable way and really listened to what I was trying to achieve for myself and my business. Couldn’t recommend enough!!!!read more
04:25 19 Jul 22
Marcus' training was extremely informative and beneficial to my social media marketing knowledge.... He thoroughly went over the content to ensure understanding and answered our specific questions. I would greatly recommend to anyone who is looking to extend and further their knowledge and skill set.read more


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