Social Media Management

Zeroing in on your best audience, and creating an exceptional strategy is just the start. 

We’re also adept and helping your accounts constantly evolve to keep up with the changes in the social media landscape and the consumer trends that go with them. For us, implementation isn’t about blindly following the strategy that we’ve created, it’s about making sure that it’s still relevant, and still delivering. It’s about making sure that your audience is still delighted. 

Social media management is simply having a two-way conversation with your consumers and we’re experts at it. Seriously, our Community Management Specialist, Gwen Tan, wrote her first-class honours thesis on it. 

Too often, brands are great at starting a conversation but refuse to maintain it.

Social Media Review

We will call you with a comprehensive set of recommendations and specific takeaways tailored to you.

Fewer Clients. More Results.

We have learned to be fussy about who we create a social campaign for. Social media needs creative content, and you can’t be creative about something you don’t love. Eight Clients is founded on the principle of, fewer clients, more results. We work with less than 2% of the companies that request work from us. you can’t be creative about something you don’t love.

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