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We are the leading social media agency that offers results-driven social media management content. Engage your audience, elevate your brand presence, and watch the growth of your brand with our organic social media marketing.

Organic Social Media Marketing

At Eight Clients, we know organic social media marketing is not just about slapping ads everywhere; it’s authentic, engaging content that makes your audience do a full-stop, ignite a conversation, and forge real connections with your brand.

We deliver the results that you want by meticulously crafting your content step-by-step. We delve deep into who your brand ambassadors are and create content that connects and delivers value. As a leading social media marketing agency, we go all-in by implementing proven strategies and campaigns to maximise your organic reach and engagement. We’ll keep those posts flowing consistently and timely across the right social media channels, mixing up text visuals, and interactive goodies. We trust the numbers and analyse the data of your engagement rates, reach and click-throughs to fine-tune our organic social media strategies.

What Our Clients Say About Our Social Media Services

Broni LisleBroni Lisle
05:16 02 Dec 22
Eight Clients understand what problems I have in my business and they have a interminable faucet of... ideas to help solve them. Every time I meet with them I leave extremely inspired and better for it. Working with them is like having a super power secret that other people don’t know about. Can not recommend them enough.read more
Indofood OnlineIndofood Online
23:40 13 Nov 22
We have been dealing with Eight Clients mostly with Marcus, Michaela and Gwen for the last 4 years... and these team have been working above and beyond to get the best content/photoshot/etc for the brand/product they work on. They are a very friendly team, approachable anytime of the day/night and we definitely the A team to be working with.Well done team !!read more
Henry TrumbleHenry Trumble
21:32 08 Nov 22
The team at Eight Clients are great to work with, everybody is totally hands on and they aren't... afraid to do whatever work is needed for the best possible result.read more
Joshua PooleJoshua Poole
00:55 09 Oct 22
Eight Clients do one thing and one thing only, they grow social media presences for businesses all... shapes and sizes. Marcus has been in the space for a long time, when you speak with him, you know he knows his stuff.read more
Jaxson GarniJaxson Garni
10:48 22 Jul 22
Marcus has been able to shine light on something that was so impossible in my mind for such a long... time. He was able to explain everything in such a understandable way and really listened to what I was trying to achieve for myself and my business. Couldn’t recommend enough!!!!read more
04:25 19 Jul 22
Marcus' training was extremely informative and beneficial to my social media marketing knowledge.... He thoroughly went over the content to ensure understanding and answered our specific questions. I would greatly recommend to anyone who is looking to extend and further their knowledge and skill set.read more

Reasons To Get Your Strategy

Social Media Management Scales Your Business


A Model That’s Proven To Win

We’ve unlocked a powerful model for winning social media management – one that generates unbelievable success for our clients. The combination of creativity, analysis and execution help us deliver the premium level of work that our ​​social media management agency has become famous for.

How does Eight Clients do this? We are home to a team of outstanding online creatives. We find the top talent in the world of photography, design, fashion and styling. Then, we pair them with our social media and content marketing professionals. These are the people with decades of experience in understanding the algorithms that drive every social media channel. After all, there’s no point in creating brilliant content if it’ll get swallowed up in the social media news feed.

Growth Across All Platforms

Which Channels? All The Channels

Our team understands how to seamlessly manage every single aspect of your organic social media marketing. We’re the leading social media management agency brands count on to achieve growth across all the major platforms. WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook – which ones does your business need today?

Our social media management packages deliver tangible value for your business, brand, and bottom line, resulting in measurable growth. Whether you operate in the FMCG, ecommerce, or hospitality sectors, Eight Clients covers all bases. Our unparalleled expertise allows us to grasp the intricacies of your business like no other, enabling us to create scroll-stopping content that catches attention.

Understanding Your Business

Let’s Start With a Deep-Dive Session

Eight Clients is considered one of the top social media management teams in Australia. We’ve earned this reputation because we really take the time to understand your business.
We want to know everything about you, what you do, how you do it and where you’re going. We’ll work with you to align your business goals and social media needs and you’ll come to know our account managers closely.

Our social media management journey begins with a questionnaire that helps us understand your target audience, tone of voice and brand identity. This information helps us to begin designing the very best social media solutions for you. This can take place via a digital link or in-person meeting between your team and Eight Clients.

Growth Across All Platforms

The Social Experts For Hospitality

Our social media management for hotels is the best in the business. We’ve spent years working with hospitality businesses – and in the process, we’ve become the go-to industry experts. If you’re looking to generate more bookings or market an exciting new menu, then just talk with our team. From our hospo origins, we have started to work more closely with the food and beverage industries.

We’ve had scores of case studies and portfolios that show the success that our social media management packages. We deliver tangible results for our hospitality clients. Have a browse and feel free to imagine what we could achieve for your business.

The Process

Social Media Management Strategy

Creative Content

Outstanding Online Creative

Our content strategy always makes sure to carefully consider your existing branding elements and social media personas. We take the existing success you’ve been able to achieve online, then amplify it with outstanding content, created in line with best practice guidelines. It’s a model that consistently achieves followers, engagement and sales for our clients, month on month, year on year.

Social Media Management Strategy

An important element of your launch will be our organic outreach. This involves us performing manual engagement (commenting, liking and messaging) with your key suppliers, groups, bloggers and media accounts all social media platforms. Our analytics and monitoring tools will also inform us when key accounts interact with you to ensure that we never miss an opportunity to create a meaningful connection.

Creative Content That Converts

Once we all agree on your social media management strategy, we can start creating your content. Your content will arise from your visual style guide, which is based on your deliverables and strategy.

What do we mean by content? Anything that will reach out to touch your audience. This could include photography, videography, graphic design and written copy. We consider everything right down to the last detail. Have you ever thought about the perfect caption lengths for particular days of the week? We do nothing but.

Yes, we are your agency who will optimise captions to drive the highest engagement rate. It’s this level of detail that’s helped us become one of the top social media management agencies in Australia.

Keeping True To Your Brand

We keep you intimately involved in the activity our social media management agency runs for your business. Every step of the way, we’ll consult with you so that your content is meeting your standards, as well as our own. Our social media management team will only set your content to go live once you’ve approved the preview version we show you.

Our social media management is built upon your existing branding and social media user personas. On top of this, we apply best practices from both your industry and the digital marketing trends that will define what’s to come.

Going live

Your Content Goes Live

Next step: Time to launch your content strategy. We’ll go live with your approved social media content.

Within the dates we’ve agreed to, we’ll keep posting times dynamic, as new data comes in about the best times and days to post. We post all of your content at strategically optimised times, formats and dimensions, to drive maximum engagement. For example, we know that Wednesday 5:37 pm is the best time to post for one of our clients in interior decoration. We’ll measure and calculate the perfect timings for you too.

We can also provide you with community management, where we’ll be showing your customers some extra love. Answering questions, fostering conversations and more. Eight Clients are the experts in keeping the conversation going. Too often, brands are great at starting a conversation but refuse to maintain it. Our social media management is based on a long-term approach that delivers success over months and years – not just a flash in the pan.

Inbound Community Management

In addition to consistently performing outreach, we’re the social media management agency that understands how to care for your existing fans and customers. We’re passionate about growing your following, whilst delivering meaningful content, communication and connection with your existing online community.

We’ll do this by performing constant account surveillance. We never miss a like or comment! Inbound management refers to all incoming messages, comments and interactions from people on your brand’s pages. In all that we do, our social media management packages deliver genuine value for your business and your customers.


Organic Outreach On Social Media

An important element of your social media management launch is your organic outreach. This means the Eight Clients team performs manual engagement – commenting, liking and messaging – with your key suppliers, groups, bloggers and media accounts across all social media platforms.

We’ve built our social media management agency around analytics and monitoring tools. They’re integral to unearthing key insights and maximising your outreach. We’ve spent years piecing together a unique set of social media metrics that generate unparalleled insight and understanding for our clients.

Another advantage of these tools is that they inform us when key accounts interact with you. This ensures we never miss an opportunity to create a meaningful connection with influential users and major industry figures. As a cutting-edge social media management agency, we know the secret to unearthing exceptional opportunities that will lead to conversations.

Attract Followers And Drive Growth

What does this look like in practice, then? First of all, we work closely with you to understand your goals.

We want to know what your dream outcome is going to be from community management solutions.

Community management solutions mean: Less customer churn, so you can make more money. Fewer complaints, so you can spend more time improving the product. A pristine online image, so your customers to grow your brand for you via word of mouth.

We can help you achieve all of these. Just as importantly, we work together to define how to *measure* these outcomes, so that you can justify the ROI of the services you’re spending money on.


Ongoing Optimisation And Reporting

At Eight Clients, we believe implementation isn’t about blindly following the strategy that we’ve created. Rather, it’s all about making sure that it’s still relevant and still delivering. And in all that we do, we aim to entice your audience and delight your followers.

The long-term success of our social media management helps your accounts to constantly evolve and grow. In addition to consistent growth over time, we keep you updated on changes in the social media landscape and the consumer trends that go along with them. With our help, you’ll never again lose visibility, traffic or sales to dreaded algorithm updates or obsolete strategies.

Our social media management agency is home to a team of digital experts. We will continuously optimise and update your content, as new data becomes available and we evolve the resonance between your brand and your personas. We will update you on macro industry best practices and your unique social media learning to inform your next round of content.

We’ll also sit down with you regularly to discuss the progress of your campaign. Our aim is to establish productive, long-term relationships that achieve your marketing objectives and achieve the attention your business deserves!

Boost Your Brand

It’s Time To Boost Your Brand And Take It To The Next Level

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We work with clients throughout Australia. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business grow.


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