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We can manage every aspect of your social media profiles. We’re proficient in the social media management all major platforms including, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. Our approach can look like this.
  • Retail brands who use 2 or more social media channels 91% 91%
  • Small & medium businesses who use some kind of social media 81% 81%
  • Marketers who have a strategy for Facebook Live 42% 42%
  • B2B content marketers who use LinkedIn 95% 95%
  • People who follow a brand on Instagram 90% 90%

Deep Dive Session

We want to know everything about you, what you do, how you do it and where you’re going. We will work with you to align your business goals and social media needs. This will involve a questionnaire on key audiences and tone of voice flow to determine the best social media solutions for you. This can take place via a digital link or in-person meeting between your team and Eight Clients.

Create Visual Styles

Based on your needs, we will present visual styles to you. This will take into consideration your existing branding elements and your social media customer personas. These visual styles will be inline with best practices for your industry and digital marketing standards.

Your Social Media Strategy

Now that we have your audiences and objectives, we present a social media strategy to you. This will include content pillars, advertising audiences and other social media activities. We’ll take into account all existing data and analytics that we can get our hands on. We’ll also integrate any other campaigns or live marketing activities. 

We’ll Create Content For You

Once we all agree on your strategy, we can start creating your content based on your visual style guide, this will be based on your deliverables and strategy. We will then implement the changes if necessary. This can include photography, videography, graphic design and written content. Even little things like caption lengths are considered. Posting on different days of the week at different times on different platforms will greatly influence engagement. We will manage captions and optimise them for the engagement rate.

Paid Social Strategy

We can manage your paid budget and creative elements for your business. This budget will be dynamically adjusted based on campaign results and objectives. We’ll set-up your advertising plan using our industry best practices. Your unique audience insights will help us optimise this further as we gather more data.

Social Media Content Preview

We will integrate your content with your captions based on your tone of voice and send it to you in an active link for comments and approval. If you need help with giving valuable feedback, don’t worry, we wrote a handy how-to guide for you.

Your Content Goes Live

Your content will go live only after you approve it in our preview link. The dates will be provided to you but times will be dynamic as new data becomes available. If you’ve selected community management in your package, this will be carried out during this stage as well. Our Community Management Specialist, Gwen Tan, wrote her first-class honours thesis on it. Too often, brands are great at starting a conversation but refuse to maintain it.

We post all of your content at strategically optimised times and formats for maximum engagement. For example, Wednesday’s at 5:37PM is the best time to post for one of our clients in interior decoration. We’ll measure this and calculate the perfect timings for you. We’ve also found image dimensions per placement to influence results.

Inbound Community Management

In addition to consistently performing outreach, we will also need to care for your existing fans and customers. We’ll do this by performing account surveillance to ensure a customer’s like or comment is never missed. Inbound management refers to all incoming messages, comments and interactions from people on your brand’s pages.

Social Organic Outreach

An important element of your launch will be our organic outreach. This involves us performing manual engagement (commenting, liking and messaging) with your key suppliers, groups, bloggers and media accounts all social media platforms. Our analytics and monitoring tools will also inform us when key accounts interact with you to ensure that we never miss an opportunity to create a meaningful connection.

Ongoing Optimisation & Reporting

Using our suite of digital tracking, we will continuously optimise and update your content as new data becomes available and we learn about your brand/personas. We will update you on macro industry best practices and your unique social media learning to inform your next round of content.

We’re also adept in helping your accounts constantly evolve to keep up with the changes in the social media landscape and the consumer trends that go with them. For us, implementation isn’t about blindly following the strategy that we’ve created, it’s about making sure that it’s still relevant, and still delivering. It’s about making sure that your audience is still delighted. 

We’ll also need regular updates from you in order to ensure we’re across your current marketing objectives.

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