Did you know that 84% of B2B executives use social media in making purchase decisions? 

As a SaaS brand, you have all the reasons to step up your social media game. We make SaaS brands engaging and click-worthy on social media so that you can attract prospects and drive them down your marketing funnel. 

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B SaaS brand, we can help you generate more leads, convert customers, and increase your customer retention with a Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy that’s specifically designed for your business.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove



By combining our organic and paid strategies, we’ll increase overall brand awareness to drive website traffic and conversions. We’ll kickstart your customer’s journey on social media with highly engaging and informative content that will lead your customer to the next step in their purchase process- your website.



Once we’ve generated leads, we’ll retarget them on social media with tailored ads and offers that relate to the experience they had on your site. Our specialist social ads team are experts in building ad campaigns that convert indecisive customers. 

Included in your Scroll Stopping Strategy are 3 creative campaign ideas that stand out from your usual social media posts and are designed to close deals and drive more sales.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove



Now that you’ve got a huge customer base, who’ll be there to maintain it? 

If you don’t take care of your customers, your competitors will. 

We all know that SaaS is built on customer retention. Our community management services were made to help you connect with your customers on a deeper level, resulting in long term brand loyalty. We’ll be there to support your customer, wherever they may be on their buying journey, by proactively answering their comments and messages on social media. 

We also employ social monitoring and listening to help your business gather valuable customer insights that you can use as social proof to get higher conversions.



Starward Whisky
Made in Melbourne. We've helped Starward with their Scroll Stopping Strategy for social growth and eCom sales.
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The Good Pot Co.
We've been delighted to help develop and execute a Scroll Stopping Strategy for our long-term client with their new brand, The Good Pot Co. (we even helped with the naming of this new brand!)
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We started working with StrangeLove in 2015 and it's been a horrible experience. Luckily their drinks are delicious.
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Rice Paper Scissors
We love our hospitality friends, especially Rice Paper Scissors who we started working with in 2015. If you check out their cookbook you'll even see a page on Eight Clients!
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We've loved working with Indomie and have helped them become the most engaged noodle brand in Australia!
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Social Media Services 


Before we get busy with your socials, we’ll present you with a Scroll Stopping Strategy that includes your custom audience personas, scroll stopping content pillars and 3 custom campaign concepts developed for your brand. Our laser-sharp customer personas are important in determining who exactly we’ll be targeting for your lead generation campaigns.

Your Scroll Stopping Strategy will be informed by the latest industry data and our good ol’ creative juices. Everything we’ll create for your brand will be based on this strategy.


We can manage every aspect of your social media profiles, from content scheduling to ads management. We’re proficient in social media management on all major platforms including, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. We’ll determine which platforms are optimal for your SaaS brand.


For our SaaS clients, we prioritize lead generation and inject it into the core of our strategy. 

First, we’ll build a social media sales funnel based on your customer’s digital journey. Then we entice your audience to start having conversations with you. We can do this through a myriad of channels, whether it’s list building on Facebook or creating a high-converting landing page. Lead generation can be performed on social platforms or through your website directly.


If you need ideas for campaigns outside of social media, look no further. We can conceptualise ideas for practically any medium.  We’ve developed ideas for television commercials (or big Instagram as we like to call it), billboards, new menu items, business concepts and have even named businesses for clients. We can even test out newer versions of your software and give real insights if you want us to!


Content is what makes your customers click, commit and convert. It’s the driving force behind your socials.


If you’ve already got a style guide and a defined tone-of-voice, we’ll help you translate it to social media and beyond. If you don’t, we’ll take you through that process. 

Our copywriting team studies every aspect of your business to get a holistic understanding of who you are, what you offer and who you’re talking to. From there, we will create easy-to-digest copy that captivates and converts every time.


As a SaaS brand, you can expect customers to come to you all the time asking about the many nuts and bolts of your software. And since you’re a digital product, it only makes sense for customers to reach you on the most accessible digital platforms. 

Part of our job is to ensure that your customer relationships are nurtured on your socials. 

We’ll be there to support your customers, wherever they may be on their buying journey, by regularly respond to messages and comments. Good community management alone has the power to convert leads into customers and customers into a long term brand advocates.


Are you able to create content (graphic design & photography) for my page?
Yes, we’d be happy to! Head onto our Content Creation page to know more.

What platforms should my SaaS business be on?
The platforms we recommend to you will depend on your type of product and target audience. We’ll collect insights from you and include our recommendations in your Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy.
What will my account manager do?

Our Account Managers are creative and personable professionals that create cutting-edge strategies, curate monthly content schedules, track and report EOM KPIs, and manage ad campaigns. They work with the support of our specialists and Sales team to deliver innovative strategies and profitable work.

Why should I care about community management for my SaaS business?
Your audience expects you to be available to answer their questions and concerns within 24 hours. If you don’t, you could lose their business. Or, worse, miss their complaint and lose the opportunity to rectify it before they go on complaining to their followers and friends.
What is a Scroll Stopping Strategy?
It’s a content strategy that we make with the intention of catching your audience’s attention. We aim to captivate social media users in a way that makes them stop their endless scrolling to focus on your content.
What will you need from me to begin?
We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to begin the process. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. From there, we’ll dive deeper into your brand to aid us in making your Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy.

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