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Step into the Spotlight 

At Eight Clients, we believe that social media can truly catapult your brand to new heights. When you choose to work with the top social media agency in Sydney, we’ll turn your social media into a powerful tool that drives your business forward.

Don’t know where you’re falling short? Maybe you’re already swamped with other projects and just don’t have the time? That’s where we come in. 

Eight Clients is one of the leading social media agencies in Sydney because we know what it takes to get your business where it needs to be – and achieve the visibility it deserves. 

For the most savvy social media agency in Sydney, contact Eight Clients online.


The landscape of social media is ever-changing, extremely nuanced and just straight-up tricky to stay on top of. When it comes to social media management in Sydney, give yourself one less thing to worry about. The #1 rule? Make sure you’ve got the right people for the job!

Unlike other social media agencies in Sydney, we only partner with businesses that we feel we can really work with. By keeping our circle of clients small, we’re able to pair you with a team that has your undivided attention and genuinely believes in your brand’s potential.

Our comprehensive social media management for Sydney businesses has been expertly developed to engage and grow the online following of your business. Whatever your unique message, we share it in a way that people can connect with. 


We know we’ve got what it takes to eclypse the competition. We’re that social media agency that knows Sydney better than anyone else. We’re so confident in our content strategy – we’ll even offer you a money-back guarantee.

We develop the content strategies fit for implementation, whether that’s to be taken care of on our end or by your in-house social media team.


Our copy delights audiences, tells your story, and plays an integral role in strategy that will propel your business forward.

We’re known as one of the most versatile social media agencies in Sydney, because we can drive any project from content to completion. We can create your style guide or adapt an existing one for social media. Either way, we’ll get your copy ready to hit the ground running.


The art and the science of the perfect photoshoot. If you’re looking for a photo that’s more than a little exceptional, we’re the social media agency in Sydney for you.

No stone is left unturned in our approach. We start with your aspirations and aesthetics, tie it in holistically with your content strategy, and dig into what people really see in your product.


We’ll take care of every aspect of staying on top of your social media platforms. Which platforms, you ask? All of them, of course! 

That’s your inbound community management and organic outreach across TikTok, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook marketing in Sydney.


The meeting point of data and creative! We’re the only social media agency in Sydney that can drive lead generation pipelines with brilliant content and pinpoint audience targeting.

Once you have an amazing product offering, and the data to back it up, you know you’re on the home stretch for a winning strategy to keep the leads coming in.


Have you ever tried a creative initiative on social media – but then weren’t able to figure out where it went wrong? Wonder no longer. It’s your time to shine! 

We deliver the social media services that Sydney businesses need to succeed. We want your brand to really make a splash with your next campaign. From a TikTok series to professionally produced TV commercials – we’re the powerhouse team behind your next viral campaign!


Start Off With a Killer Strategy 

When you hit us up for social media services in Sydney, we’ll get the ball rolling by providing you with a Scroll-Stopping Content Strategy. 

Our content strategy is available as a standalone offering or a jumping-off point that leads to our full-blown services as a social media marketing agency in Sydney. If you don’t love what we come up with, you don’t have to pay. No questions asked. 

We never undertake work without creating a deep level of understanding between our social media agency and the Sydney businesses in our charge. We don’t dive in with a one-size-fits-all approach, but take the time to properly grasp who our clients are.

What’s the customer experience like for people queuing up at your store? What’s the tangible look and feel of your brand? We’ll go in-store so we can find out first-hand. How does your menu present your business? We’ll go and taste it for ourselves!

Whatever it takes, we’re the top social media agency in Sydney that really puts in the time and effort. Our aim is to gain a true appreciation of what you do and where you want this success to take you online. 

Your custom-made strategy will contain a full rundown of your audience personas, content pillars and three unique campaign concepts. This will let you know who you’re talking to and what they want to see.

Getting Down to Business 

Once everyone has wrapped their heads around the plan, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty stuff. Luckily, Eight Clients is the social media agency in Sydney that’s made up of forward-thinking problem solvers who thrive off a good challenge!

Everything we learned from building your strategy, we’ll use that to develop a social media presence that embodies the spirit of your brand. Your social media needs to do your business justice! From eye-catching visuals and comment-worthy content, we’ll boost your engagement and bring your brand to life.

To ensure we maintain an authentic voice, you’ll be included every step of the way and we’ll never post anything without getting the green light first. Among social media agencies and Sydney businesses, it’s a match made in heaven.

Carefully Curated Content

Peer into the heart of our social media marketing company in Sydney, and you’ll find a commitment to creativity that’s grounded in strategy and results. The content we create doesn’t only look beautiful, it’s based on evidence and expertise. 

Every post and profile will be backed up by industry research and reflect your company’s goals and messaging. That’s true no matter the social media platform we’re talking about – whether that’s TikTok, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook marketing in Sydney.

Better yet, your posts will be the content your audience genuinely enjoys and engages with. There’s simply no replacement for top quality content that drives real organic traffic. Luckily, that’s exactly what Eight Clients delivers. 

Strategic Creative Thinking

Our social media agency is home to Sydney’s top in-house team of digital strategists, copywriters and content creators.

We write dynamic, beautifully written copy, then combine it with visually striking imagery to make your post explode off the screen. With our superior photography, videography and graphic design, we’ll generate the kind of imagery that drives awareness of your brand.

We never miss the mark! Our creative expertise extends well beyond professional photoshoots. Together, we can dream up and expertly pull off new ways to break ground for your brand.

That could be television commercials, chatbots, billboards, ambient executions, new menu items, cocktails, or even a whole new name for your business. Expect nothing less from the leading social media agency in Sydney!

Carpe DMs

Across every account, we make sure a cohesive story is being told with finesse. We keep a laser focus on making meaningful connections, with old and new customers alike.

Our community management service is how our social media agency connects the Sydney community. We nurture the relationships you have with existing fans, followers and commenters. By answering your customers’ questions, handling complaints or even just general banter, we’ll help you elevate the online presence of your business.

With Eight Clients by your side, you’ll be able to generate engagement and keep your customers coming back to you.

We’ll even assist you in growing a diverse range of new potential customers by reaching out to the right people, on the right platforms, at the right times. We have the networks it takes to be a top social media agency in Sydney.

Ever-Evolving Strategy

A key part of our success as a social media agency in Sydney is the fluid approach we take to building your brand’s momentum. We understand that effective social media content strategy is never a case of one-size-fits-all and so we’re masters of learning and optimising on the go.

We’ll use our digital tracking suite to gain deep audience insights. We draw comparisons with the best practices of the industry, the consumer trends shaping the future, and the rapid ongoing changes of the social media landscape. With the application of this learned knowledge, you can rest assured that your content will always be relevant and informed.

From here, we can start allowing you to reap the benefits: The next step is to capitalise on a savvy paid social strategy. Taking into account industry best practices and the performance of your content, we’ll make sure your budget for paid media and creative elements are reflective of your campaign results and objectives.

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