Meet the Top Social Media Agency in Melbourne

Attention-Grabbing Content For Your Business

Eight Clients is the social media agency that’s dedicated to helping to achieve genuine online success.

Whether you’re looking to increase your following, drive revenue and sales, or simply communicate the ethos of your business in an engaging and authentic way – we’re the social media agency to work with.

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Achieve Real Social Media Success

At Eight Clients, we believe there are many ways to achieve success on social media. Perhaps it’s driving engagement and traffic with scroll stopping posts. Or establishing a bold and beautiful aesthetic that is immediately identifiable with your brand. Or building a loyal following that goes beyond mere purchasers of your products to become an active and engaged community.

Luckily for you, we’re a social media agency that’s adept at all this and more. Our social media agency takes this holistic approach and tailors it to the unique needs of your business.

The results? Genuine success that achieves and transcends all the metrics, with a sense of creativity, thoughtfulness and insight.



Meet Our Social Media Managers

On our journey towards social media success, you’ll partner with a personal social media manager. This individual will be your one point of contact, and together, you’ll develop a unique dynamic that’s all about achieving genuine online success for your business.

Wherever you’re based in Melbourne and whatever your busy schedule looks like, our team will always make time to talk.

We’re dedicated to developing productive and profitable long term relationships – and we’re proud to say that many of our client clients have been with our social media agency for years.

Social Media Agency Services

So, once you choose to partner with Eight Clients, what kind of service can you expect to receive from our social media agency?

View our core services below, and even if you don’t see exactly what you’re searching for, simply contact our team to discuss how we can meet your needs. 

Creative Content

Not content with a few simple snaps or products pics, our social media agency is home to a truly talented team of professional content creators.

From photography and video to blogs, posts and ads, we’re passionate about creating a powerful online presence that cuts through the noise and crushes your competition.

We don’t stop at the simple services of other social media agencies. Instead, we consider ourselves to be one of the most exciting creative agencies in Melbourne.

Whatever your profession, product or platform, our social media agency will serve up an array of attention-grabbing content.


Insightful Strategy

Plenty of social media agencies make nice content. But what good is that if your customers aren’t stopping the scroll and actively engaging with your brand?

Aesthetics is one thing – but is your content actually converting into clicks, engagement, and most importantly, sales and revenue?

Our social media management in Melbourne is here to hustle for your business online. We deliver content plans, audience engagement and actionable insights that achieve serious results.

We even offer a money-back guarantee to show you our confidence and commitment.

If you want to work with the best social media agency in Melbourne, then it’s this combination of research, analysis and planning that puts us a cut above the rest.

Community Management

Melbourne is made up of a truly unique community of locals, creatives and businesses. We’re inspired by our city every day – and we want to share the real look and feel of your business with the world. It’s this commitment to authentic engagement that helps us build the best communities.

Our social media agency excels at creating community and communicating with your customers. We believe social media requires careful consideration and real-time management to answer questions quickly and effectively.

It’s something that a lot of social media management in Melbourne misses – but at Eight Clients, we make your customers our top priority.

Whether it’s nurturing your community, growing your following, or moderating your comments, you can count on our social media agency to give your accounts the attention they deserve.

Pricing Plans

Social media management in Melbourne can often be pricey. Because the rewards of online success are so big, some social media agencies see this as an opportunity to charge exorbitant rates of their services.

But at Eight Clients, we want to be known as the most trustworthy social media management in Melbourne. That’s why our services are flexible and prices offer exceptional value for money.

The best way to explore our services and achieve real bang for your back is to contact our social media agency.

We’re always happy to make ourselves available, listen to your needs, and create a jaw-dropping social media strategy that could change your business forever. So why wait? Contact us now!


To achieve real online growth, contact the top social media management agency Melbourne.