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Wondering why your pet brand isn’t getting the reach, clicks, and engagement it deserves on social media?

Australia’s Best Pet Product Marketing Agency

Leave everything social media to us so you can stop worrying about your socials and focus on running your pet care business, and taking care of your furbabies!

A Pet Product Marketing Agency that Knows Pet Parents

You know you’ve got a great product. You’re passionate about it, your pet can’t get enough of it, and you know that your pet brand is better than the rest. But how do you get other pet owners to know that too?

You’re out there working hard promoting your product and taking care of your two and four–legged customers. But when it comes to social media, you don’t have time for all the nonsense—you just need results.

Why Pet Care Brands Come to us for Social Media Marketing

Our team has done Scroll Stopping Strategies for some of the biggest pet brands in the world, so we’ve got the data and expertise to know what works and what doesn’t. The result? An increase in engagement, traffic and sales without you having to spend a fortune.
Who are we?

We’re a pet-loving team of certified social media (and dog) experts who are eager to help you boost sales, drive engagement, and scale your pet food business.

We know the challenges of running a pet food business—from finding reliable suppliers to streamlining distribution and sales channels—and we understand that time is money. But more importantly, we adore pets and know what it takes to effectively market to fellow pet- parents. We even know how to manage a pet photoshoot with ease (we know you know how chaotic that can be)

We’ll make sure that everyone who works on your account owns a pet and understands the pet industry from the perspective of a consumer. (If you could only see the amount of pet photos on our Slack channels, you’d know that working on your brand is a dream for us!)

With our Scroll Stopping Strategy, you will…

  • Have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a well-rounded approach made by a team of social media experts, instead of a collection of random engagement tactics
  • Save money on social media campaigns which means you can invest that money into other areas of your business
  • Tick social media strategy off your to-do list which means you can use that time to focus on other business tasks you know you’re 💯 at
  • Finally generate the sales that you know your product or service deserves which means a better return on your investment
  • Get compliments from friends, colleagues, and strangers on your amazing new social media content
  • Impress your boss, go home earlier, and have more time for yourself and your loved ones, all because a huge chunk of your brand marketing is well taken care of ✨

Why should you work with us to implement your Scroll Stopping Strategy?

Optimise your Scroll Stopping Strategy

We’ll put your Scroll Stopping Strategy into action. Our team is made up of seasoned account managers, graphic designers, animators, copywriters, strategists, and ad managers who’ll all work together to make your brand the BEST it can be on social media.

Maybe you could hire a whole team to do this in-house (or an astoundingly talented individual?) but again and again people find the ROI just doesn’t make sense (not to mention, quality tends to suffer).

Get compelling creative recommendations

Our experts have decades of experience in the advertising industry and can provide specific and actionable insights on your current advertising creatives which can lead to better results overnight. We’ll have your back on every step of your social media journey.

Feel good about everything your brand posts

We hate ‘Happy Friday’ posts. Why? Because life is too short to create boring content. Everyone who works on your content, from account managers to animators, go the extra mile to make sure that every post captivates your audience and converts them into customers.

Have your content seen at the right place at the right time
We help you understand where and when you should be spending your content and ad budget so you can generate the best results for your business. We have in-depth knowledge on Meta’s often obscure buying objectives, so we can spend your budget in a way that will achieve your business goals.
Get more quality leads
Generating sales leads is a common objective for social media advertising. Capturing them is one part having an amazing product offering and one part data science. We’ve learned that it’s less about creating leads lists, and more about building indestructible sales funnels through your social media ads.

Generate repeat sales

We know how important it is for your business to retain customers. Using our best practices, we’ll optimise your campaigns to get the best ROI so you can continually grow your business.

Sell directly to customers on their favourite social media app
Social commerce is changing the way people interact with brands online. We can help you seamlessly integrate social commerce into your marketing strategy so you can get more sales from social.
Receive In-depth Reports
We supply you with an in-depth monthly report that highlights audience insights, creative recommendations and tracks KPIs that actually matter to your business.

How we’ll create a Scroll Stopping Strategy for your pet brand…


Steal Our Ideas

In 20 minutes, we’re going to give you all of our ideas and show you how we think.

Your call will include:

  • How you can supercharge your social media and break sales records
  • Get insights from our data geniuses who have overseen over two hundred million dollars in online revenue.
  • We’ll talk specifically about you, your business, your goals, and your latest Instagram post so the advice is specific to you and actionable.

The Ultimate Social Media Checklist

As a bonus, we’ll send you a copy of our Ultimate Social Media Checklist normally valued at $450, after the call so you can reference the latest social media best practices at any time.

🍫 GUARANTEE: If you don’t think this call was valuable, we’re going to send you a block of chocolate for every minute you were on the phone with us (and you get to keep the Ultimate Social Media Checklist).

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

Let’s Get Serious...

If we seem like a good fit after the Steal Our Ideas call. The next step is to craft your Scroll Stopping Strategy.

Our Scroll Stopping Strategies are perfectly designed to help you get the most from your brand. We’ll develop content ideas, identify key opportunities and big ideas to help you nail it on Instagram.

Our team are Social Media experts so you can be sure that you’re getting the latest cutting edge ideas when it comes to your strategy and not something that was trending six months ago. We incorporate all mediums to make sure that we're delivering the right message in the right way, and we keep up-to-date with the best practices to make sure your business is always at the head of the pack. Read on to see what you get…

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

Get An Overview Of Your Social Media Sales Funnel

Receive a complete breakdown of how we’ll use social media to achieve the results you want for your business

Learn what works and what does not for your business with an overview of your social media sales funnel

We’ll break down how we’ll use social media for your business so that making marketing decisions is simpler.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

In-depth Customer Personas

Identify your target consumers so you won’t waste your time marketing to the wrong people

Save time trying to find an audience as we create in-depth personas that fit your brand.

Improve conversion by using clear customer personas to speak directly to your customer’s needs.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

A Tailor-made Tone Of Voice Guide

Watch your brand spring to life as we assign a living, breathing person as a model for your tone of voice.

Have customers fall in love with your online brand by consistently using the tone of voice.

Create consistency in online communications with an easy to use tone-of-voice guide.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

Scroll Stopping Content Pillars

A comprehensive content guide that’s designed to stop the scroll and capture the attention of your target personas so they focus on you.

Never get stuck for content ideas by having a range of different pillars to inspire your next post.

Content pillars create variety in your posts so that your customers will be excited to see what you post next.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

3 Custom-made Campaign Ideas For Your Social Media

3 custom-made campaign ideas outside of your traditional content pillars that will increase your engagement and attract new customers.

Increase your engagement and attract new customers with custom-made campaign ideas that are innovative and out of the box all tailored for your brand.

Tell us if you have special promotions or events that you might like us to come up with creative ideas for a special campaign.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

12 Month Activity Plan

We’ll give you a step by step activity plan of your strategy.

Every step that you take will be determined by our strategy that spans 12 months.

Know when to make the next move with a step-by-step plan of your strategy.

Never miss another special holiday or event that is significant to your audience.


Ongoing Management

We provide world-class ongoing management that will make you look good to all the people that matter so that you can get back to doing the rest of your job.


Pet Animal Marketing FAQs

Learn How You Can (Ethically) Steal Our Ideas

The founder of Australia’s #1 social media agency reveals how you can supercharge your social media and break sales records by stealing the ideas of our creative geniuses who have created over $200 million in online revenue – (you may qualify to get this for free and it takes just 20 minutes – click to find out more).

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