Working with Eight Clients

We’re a specialist social media marketing agency in Melbourne and Sydney working with brands across the globe.

Why specialise?

We’re really good at one thing, social media marketing, and that’s all we do. SEO? We’re terrible at it. Website design? No thanks. Need a brand refresh? We’re not the agency for you. But social media marketing is something we’re brilliant at. When you specialise in just one thing, you get really good at it. Roger Federer doesn’t also hold the world record for growing the world’s heaviest onion. That accolade belongs to Peter Glazebrook, he has 5 world records for growing heavy vegetables. He’s that good. Generally, a generalist will know a little about a lot, we’re not those type of people. We’re a dedicated team of social media marketing experts. We’re obsessed with details, the one percenters, the what ifs, we don’t paint by numbers, we don’t guess.

Our Motto

“How can we care immensely about this client?” If something is almost good enough, it’s not good enough. It turns out that really caring is the secret when it comes to consistently churning out good social media campaigns.

How can you care about everything?

You can’t. One of our account superstars, Emir, is interested in lifestyle, fashion, and eCommerce so if he’s handed a new client that’s a petrol station in Wollongong then how can we expect him to turn up every day and care immensely about his client? He might be able to fake it for 4 months but eventually, he’ll look at a photo of an LPG gas pump, slightly vomit in his mouth and do the worst possible thing you can do in social media, stop caring. So, we have a precaution to avoid this. We say no. A lot. Trust us, if we say no, it’s for the best. It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that we don’t want Emir to vomit. That’s very important. You want Emir to beg to work with you, we want him so excited about the prospect of helping you grow your business that he’s going to adhere to our motto, you want Emir to give a sh*t about you. So, tell us a little something about yourself, what you want from social media marketing and if we can, we’ll send you a proposal.

PS – if you do need branding, website design or SEO, just ask us, it took us three years but we finally have some unbelievable partners. 

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