Working with Eight Clients

We only work with clients we’re excited by. This means that every client we work with gets a stunning social media content strategy. And when we say stunning, we really mean stunning, the type work that if you look at would punch you in the face through your iPhone 5C.

Speaking of iPhone 5C’s isn’t it weird that different phones prefer different images dimension on social media? It turns out we can track how people with different devices like their content, weird huh??

You can thank our nerd powers for that one. Only working with eight clients means that we get heaps of time to spend on research. Not the type of research where you wear lab coats and goggles (although we do love costumes) but the type of research where you pretend you’re wearing a lab coat and look at social media statistics.

Only working with eight clients at a time means we can deliver an incredible level of service and attention. Social media is highly reactive and having a dedicated person on your account ensures a remarkable level of service. Our capped workload means we have time to service your account and communicate with you quickly.

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