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What Our Clients Say About Our Ecommerce Strategies

Broni LisleBroni Lisle
05:16 02 Dec 22
Eight Clients understand what problems I have in my business and they have a interminable faucet of... ideas to help solve them. Every time I meet with them I leave extremely inspired and better for it. Working with them is like having a super power secret that other people don’t know about. Can not recommend them enough.read more
Indofood OnlineIndofood Online
23:40 13 Nov 22
We have been dealing with Eight Clients mostly with Marcus, Michaela and Gwen for the last 4 years... and these team have been working above and beyond to get the best content/photoshot/etc for the brand/product they work on. They are a very friendly team, approachable anytime of the day/night and we definitely the A team to be working with.Well done team !!read more
Henry TrumbleHenry Trumble
21:32 08 Nov 22
The team at Eight Clients are great to work with, everybody is totally hands on and they aren't... afraid to do whatever work is needed for the best possible result.read more
Joshua PooleJoshua Poole
00:55 09 Oct 22
Eight Clients do one thing and one thing only, they grow social media presences for businesses all... shapes and sizes. Marcus has been in the space for a long time, when you speak with him, you know he knows his stuff.read more
Jaxson GarniJaxson Garni
10:48 22 Jul 22
Marcus has been able to shine light on something that was so impossible in my mind for such a long... time. He was able to explain everything in such a understandable way and really listened to what I was trying to achieve for myself and my business. Couldn’t recommend enough!!!!read more
04:25 19 Jul 22
Marcus' training was extremely informative and beneficial to my social media marketing knowledge.... He thoroughly went over the content to ensure understanding and answered our specific questions. I would greatly recommend to anyone who is looking to extend and further their knowledge and skill set.read more

Performance Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

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Ecommerce keeps growing and growing. As a matter of fact, market projections show that this space will grow by $25 billion in the next five years.

Everytime some Forbes article says that we’ve seen the peak of ecommerce; boom, something happens that flips the script, yet again (seriously, who could have factored a world-wide pandemic into their marketing projections, I’m looking at you Nassim Taleb!).

If you are in the ecom space, you know that more people prefer buying online than in-stores than ever before, and any business not marketing online is losing money by the second. This is setting us up for a wave of growth.

So the online retail industry keeps growing rapidly, and with it comes the need for a social media marketing strategy that actually works. Ecommerce businesses are not only competing with other retailers but also with large companies like Big W, Kmart, Myer, and Kogan, who have their own internal marketing teams. This makes it difficult for brand managers without bottomless pockets to profit online.

So, how will the little guys compete? There’s so many things to think about, and so little time to execute anything.

With the growing number of brands launching online, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out. This is why having a strong social presence is so important for brands to become top of mind. These strategies will help you reach your audience more effectively and take them from someone who is merely interested to being a repeat customer.

We hear so much babble online from funnel hackers, wanna-be-gurus, and course sellers about how complicated everything is. But the truth is that growing online brands are predictable, sustainable, and scalable. You just need the right team, with the right strategies and tools to achieve this.

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Ecommerce Digital Marketing Services

As a digital agency, we provide a bunch of different ecommerce marketing services that are proven to generate revenue at scale.
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Content Creation & Creative Services

Some people have their best ideas in the shower.

But there’s only so many showers you can take in a day, especially if your company won’t let you expense your water bill.

Sometimes the harder you push to come up with a great idea, the harder it is to deliver.

We fixed that. We’ve hired a bunch of talented AF creative folks with backgrounds in theatre, comedy, social media, and stand-up to do the heavy-lifting of idea generation.

Our ideas will make you stand out from the competition. Our ideas are the kind that make your competitors go… wow, why aren’t we doing what they’re doing? Because they’re just that good.

And we have the skills and expertise to craft engaging, high-quality content that will capture your audience’s attention and drive conversions for your ecommerce site.

We understand the importance of creating content that resonates with your target market, and we take the time to get to know your business and its goals in order to create content that converts.

Learn more about our content creation services →

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Social Media Marketing – Our Scroll Stopping Strategy™

If you want to surpass your sales targets, make social work for you and – most importantly – go home earlier and have more time for yourself and your family, it’s time you meet our Scroll Stopping Strategy™

This is not some tired old digital marketing strategy from Cookie-Cutter Pty. Ltd. We take a deep dive into your brand and create for you an overview of the optimum social media sales funnel, in-depth customer personas, a tailor-made tone of voice guide, scroll stopping content pillars, three custom-made campaign ideas, and a 12-month activity plan.

And we back the whole thing with our chocolate cake guarantee: if you don’t like what we’ve made for you, we’ll refund you AND buy you a cake (we hope you like chocolate!).

This way we have staked the deck so that you are guaranteed to win.

Learn more about our Scroll Stopping Strategies™ →

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Scroll Stopping Strategy
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Ecommerce Paid Advertising

Ecommerce paid advertising can be tricky. Without the right expertise and experience, it’s like going hunting with a t-shirt cannon full of $50 bills. Your budget runs out fast and all you have to show for it is customers who are not quite the catch you were hoping for.

Not all marketing agencies are created equal. In addition to our creative team, copy writers, and video production teams, we have a dedicated team of ads experts who will obsess over your ROAS, and fret over your ROI. Data-obsessed serial money-generators that will spend every dollar of your marketing budget like it was their own.

They swoop on conversion optimisation strategies faster than seagulls at a picnic.

With a freakishly deep understanding of the nuances of ecommerce, such as how to optimise campaigns for different products, target the right audiences, and track conversions you’ll know that no matter what the platforms throw at us, we’ve got your back.

It’s time to stop listening to the endless amount of over-information online that focuses on funnel hacking, ads manager tactics, and a bunch more outdated stuff that no longer works today. Advertising platforms are popping up year by year, but the one thing that will never be replaced is human emotion, human desire, and communication. Our performance ads team goes where every other marketing agency only dreams of going. And that’s consumer psychology, hitting prospects where it matters (we literally have a behavioural scientist with a PHD, we don’t screw around).

Learn more about paid advertising →

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Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

Ecommerce businesses have a unique opportunity to leverage social media to reach their target audience and drive sales. However, managing an effective social media presence can be difficult and time consuming. Without the right strategy, ecommerce businesses risk wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns that don’t generate any return.

If organic social media marketing is not a big part of your social media mix then perhaps you could send a carrier pigeon to your CEO and see if they might allow you to update your strategy. Tell them:

a) steam powered locomotion is probably not going to make a come-back
b) organic social will allow you to build relationships with customers that turn them into brand advocates that drive sales.

Hey, we know it’s scary, because it is easy to make mistakes when it comes to organic social media marketing. Poorly timed posts, irrelevant content, or a lack of engagement can all lead to a decrease in followers and a decrease in sales.

We’ll make your social freakin’ amazing, so you can get back to the rest of your job.

Learn more about social media marketing →

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Tik Tok for Ecommerce

You know that Australians spend more time on TikTok than any other social media platform.

But you probably also know that the platform is both hugely popular and wildly unpredictable. And let’s face it, creating a successful organic presence on Tik Tok takes time, effort, and a great deal of creativity.

And even if you are a white-hot ideas machine, you need to do the rest of your job, not spend all day doom-scrolling your competitors on TikTok.

Content marketing is not for the faint-hearted.

It takes a special kind of skill in order to get results for Tiktok. Because content is king, and everything else is secondary. We not only have the ideas, but the resources to film, edit, and produce TikTok content that can make your brand go viral.

Working with us, you can bypass all the angst and reap the rewards of a strong TikTok presence for your ecommerce business.

Learn more about TikTok marketing →

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Community Management for Ecommerce

79% of customers expect a response from your brand on social media within 24 hours, 40% expect a response within an hour.

Because a lot of enquiries are made in public (not via a DM), an enquiry that doesn’t get a reply is like a big turd in the middle of your online brand presence.

We can look after your entire community management and make sure that your customers get looked after, and quickly.

We know when to amplify compliments and when to take difficult discussions offline. We’ve developed deep skills in community management so you don’t have to.

Learn more about community management →

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Where We Are

Find Us Across Australia

We work with clients throughout Australia. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

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Our Blog

Our Blogs Around Ecommerce

Your Guide to Paid Advertising on Social Media
Your Guide to Paid Advertising on Social Media

Paid Advertising on Social Media, Everything you need to Know What is paid advertising? Paid advertising on social media has become essential for businesses looking to grow and increase brand awareness. Partnering with a Facebook Ads Agency or Instagram Ads Agency can...


Ecommerce Marketing FAQs

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How We’ll Create a Scroll Stopping Strategy for Your Ecommerce Business


Steal Our Ideas

In 20 minutes, we’re going to give you all of our ideas and show you how we think.

Your call will include:

  • How you can supercharge your social media and break sales records
  • Get insights from our data geniuses who have overseen over two hundred million dollars in online revenue.
  • We’ll talk specifically about you, your business, your goals, and your latest Instagram post so the advice is specific to you and actionable.

The Ultimate Social Media Checklist

As a bonus, we’ll send you a copy of our Ultimate Social Media Checklist normally valued at $450, after the call so you can reference the latest social media best practices at any time.

🍫 GUARANTEE: If you don’t think this call was valuable, we’re going to send you a block of chocolate for every minute you were on the phone with us (and you get to keep the Ultimate Social Media Checklist).

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

Let’s Get Serious...

If we seem like a good fit after the Steal Our Ideas call. The next step is to craft your Scroll Stopping Strategy.

Our Scroll Stopping Strategies are perfectly designed to help you get the most from your brand. We’ll develop content ideas, identify key opportunities and big ideas to help you nail it on Instagram.

Our team are Social Media experts so you can be sure that you’re getting the latest cutting edge ideas when it comes to your strategy and not something that was trending six months ago. We incorporate all mediums to make sure that we're delivering the right message in the right way, and we keep up-to-date with the best practices to make sure your business is always at the head of the pack. Read on to see what you get…

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

Get An Overview Of Your Social Media Sales Funnel

Receive a complete breakdown of how we’ll use social media to achieve the results you want for your business

Learn what works and what does not for your business with an overview of your social media sales funnel

We’ll break down how we’ll use social media for your business so that making marketing decisions is simpler.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

In-depth Customer Personas

Identify your target consumers so you won’t waste your time marketing to the wrong people

Save time trying to find an audience as we create in-depth personas that fit your brand.

Improve conversion by using clear customer personas to speak directly to your customer’s needs.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

A Tailor-made Tone Of Voice Guide

Watch your brand spring to life as we assign a living, breathing person as a model for your tone of voice.

Have customers fall in love with your online brand by consistently using the tone of voice.

Create consistency in online communications with an easy to use tone-of-voice guide.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

Scroll Stopping Content Pillars

A comprehensive content guide that’s designed to stop the scroll and capture the attention of your target personas so they focus on you.

Never get stuck for content ideas by having a range of different pillars to inspire your next post.

Content pillars create variety in your posts so that your customers will be excited to see what you post next.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

3 Custom-made Campaign Ideas For Your Social Media

3 custom-made campaign ideas outside of your traditional content pillars that will increase your engagement and attract new customers.

Increase your engagement and attract new customers with custom-made campaign ideas that are innovative and out of the box all tailored for your brand.

Tell us if you have special promotions or events that you might like us to come up with creative ideas for a special campaign.

Scroll Stopping Strategy
Scroll Stopping Strategy

12 Month Activity Plan

We’ll give you a step by step activity plan of your strategy.

Every step that you take will be determined by our strategy that spans 12 months.

Know when to make the next move with a step-by-step plan of your strategy.

Never miss another special holiday or event that is significant to your audience.


Ongoing Management

We provide world-class ongoing management that will make you look good to all the people that matter so that you can get back to doing the rest of your job.

Learn How You Can (Ethically) Steal Our Ideas

The founder of Australia’s #1 social media agency reveals how you can supercharge your social media and break sales records by stealing the ideas of our creative geniuses who have created over $200 million in online revenue – (you may qualify to get this for free and it takes just 20 minutes – click to find out more).

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