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Who are we? We’re your social media agency in Brisbane. Here at Eight Clients, we thrive on the challenge of putting your business at the front of your customers’ minds.

About Us

Expert Social Media Marketing Services in Brisbane

Eight Clients has the savvy, strategic creatives to take care of every aspect of your online marketing.

We create stunning copy and glorious photos. And we deliver targeted ads to the users who matter most – the people who’ll actually respond. From requests, to ratings, to complaints, we make sure your business and your customers are always looked after. Our job is to keep your lead generation pipeline chock-full with new prospects!

Leave your social media marketing to us. Meanwhile, we’ll leave you free to do what you do best – focus on running a tight ship that keeps your customers happy. Every single one of them!

Our Services

The Social Media Agency Your Brand Needs

Social Media
Community Management

Social Media

Eight Clients is the team for all your social media marketing needs. We’ll always deliver your social media calendar on time. Even more than that, we’ve got the savvy to adapt to and shape the flow as we go.

We operate to the principles of fewer clients and more results. We work with less than 2% of the companies that request to work with us! By delivering quality over quantity, we create a compelling strategy that will deliver on the potential of your brand.

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What’s the lightbulb moment for a content post that’ll get people to stop scrolling? Our team will develop a content strategy to make your customers sit up and take notice.

We are absolutely confident that our content strategy will get people to stop scrolling past. We’ll even put our money where our mouth is, and offer you a money-back guarantee.

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Storytelling is the future of marketing. Does your copy tell yours? No more greasy car salesman tactics. In the 21st century, your copy has to delight your audiences.

Compelling copy has to showcase a brand identity that your audience can connect with. For words that sing off the page, turn to Eight Clients for your social media marketing demands.

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There’s nothing better than a high-resolution, gorgeously edited photo that leaps off the page and into your arms. If you’re looking for the perfect image, turn to Eight clients.

We’ll craft beautiful images that are neatly in line with your holistic content strategy. It’s time to sink our teeth into what people really see in your product.

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Community Management

Love your customers and they’ll love you back. Anytime they reach out to you, whether it’s to shower you with praise or raise a complaint, you have to be there for them.

We offer inbound community management and organic outreach. That’s TikTok, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook social media strategy.

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It takes a spark of genius to drive your lead generation strategy. How best to match your product offering with the wants and needs of your audience?

Our social media marketing marries brilliant creativity with intelligent analytics. We’ll keep your lead pipeline so full, your business won’t know what to do with them all.

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Why not try something a little bit different to meet your marketing goals? We’re the content marketing agency who can dream up any type of campaign you need.

We’ve got it covered, whether it’s to generate buzz on TikTok or to create something slick for a TV ad. Tap into our limitless creativity to drive engagement, leads and ROI.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane

Grow Your Business with Brisbane’s Top Social Media Strategy Experts

Deep-dive Into Your Business

Start By Making Your Mark

Any digital marketing strategy needs to address the core concern of the competition for attention. Our team starts with a deep-dive into what makes your business tick, from your customer’s point of view. We take it from there to craft a content strategy that will make your audience stop scrolling and pay attention.

Who are your customers? Every successful content strategy will speak to the core of who your audience is and what they want. That’s why Eight Clients always puts aside the time to get to know you and your customers.

We’ll visit your stores, use your products and order off your menu. Your customers choose you over the alternatives out there, and we need to understand the why.

The output? Fine-tuned audience personas, content pillars and unique campaign concepts. Now we’re in the position to win at social media marketing.

Social Media Presence
Rolling Out Content Strategy
There’s nothing we love more than rolling up our sleeves and implementing our content strategy. It’s like your strategy is quietly gleaming on the page, and now it’s time to bring it into vivid, bold reality.

We’ll create a social media presence that breathes new life into your brand. We create images that stop customers scrolling and copy that gets people commenting.

Where are you in this? With us at every step of the way! Nothing is published without you giving us the green light, so the authentic voice of your brand will always shine through.

Your Brand, Your Content
Content Designed To Perform

We’re known as one of the leading content marketing agencies because of the precision of our work. Our creativity is rooted in data analytics whilst embodying a commitment to deliver tangible results. Our experts don’t just know how to create stunning content – they can drive serious sales and quality leads too.

There’s no point in posting unless your content is 100% on point and a benefit to your brand. Does it represent the trends that define your industry? Does it meet your audience halfway and actually offer them something of value?

And does it contribute to your goals and the overarching direction of your business.

We create content that your audience actively wants to engage with. How many brands can say that? We achieve this on one platform – then replicate it across the rest – TikTok, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

Your Brand Story
Be Creative, Think Strategic

Brilliant social media marketing depends on the strength of your content. Your content needs to be fine-tuned to engage and inspire your audience and achieve the aims of your social media strategy.

We combine expertise across copy, photography, videography, graphic design and digital strategy. Words and images combine to tell your brand story to the people who’re willing to first listen, then purchase.

With delicious copy and even tastier images, we don’t ever miss the mark. Want something even more creative? TV and billboard ads, chatbots, new items for your restaurant or cocktail menu, or even a new name for your business – we thrive on creating the unique.

Engage In Real Time
Talk With Your Customers

For successful social media marketing, every chapter of your story needs to be told perfectly, no matter which platform.

A cohesive story, told with finesse, takes a singular vision. It needs deep understanding combined with a holistic overview across your social media presence.

Our community management services tailor the message to each individual, while keeping true to your brand story. We forge meaningful connections, engaging old customers and connecting to new ones. Fans, followers and commenters – we love them all equally!

Even better, we can engage them in real time. We’ve found that social media marketing needs to respond to customers the moment they reach out to your business.

New Insights

A Strategy To Keep Winning

We want your business to win at social media marketing! We keep building on the momentum we’ve unlocked for your brand.

We are always learning, so we can adjust our approach to the new insights we unearth. Are your customers’ tastes changing? Can we discover new products, or new ways to use your products? Your content is always optimised for resonance between your audience’s needs and your business’s goals.

Once we’ve got the organic social media humming along, we can step up to a paid advertising strategy that’ll deliver ROI.

Our Clients

We Create Scroll Stopping Strategies™ For Brands Like:

The Premier Content Marketing Agency in Brisbane In These Platforms

TikTok Marketing Brisbane

Is your target audience on TikTok?


If you’re serious about connecting with your audience on TikTok, we should talk. Our expert team will take the hard work out of TikTok and make videos that get engagement, increase awareness, and create sales.

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Facebook Marketing Brisbane

Don’t let your Facebook page blend into the background noise. At Eight Clients, we know how to create content and targeted ads that will get your brand noticed.

Our experienced team will help you make your page stand out and drive sales.

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Twitter Marketing Brisbane

When it comes to Twitter, quantity is no substitute for quality. With Eight Clients, you can count on us to help you craft the perfect tweets that will have your followers engaged and sharing your content. Don’t settle for less – let us help you make Twitter work for you.

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LinkedIn Marketing Brisbane

If you are selling B2B, Eight Clients can help you make the most of LinkedIn. Our skilled team will learn your business inside-out to craft the perfect posts and videos so that your brand will grab the attention that it deserves.

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Instagram Marketing Brisbane

Want to make your Instagram presence impossible to ignore? Look no further than Eight Clients. We’ll help you create visually stunning posts, excellent captions, and expertly crafted hashtags that will take your Instagram game to the next level. We’ll make your reels scroll-stopping so your message finds it’s audience.

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