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Have you ever tried to generate specific results for your business using a creative initiative – marketing campaign, new piece of technology or a series on TikTok – and not been able to figure out where you went wrong?

A lot of our clients have.

Which is why they save themselves the headache with anything creative and come straight to us.

Whether it’s marketing on social media, a new web series or even a professionally-produced TV ad, we generate creative ideas that form the foundation of everything that comes afterwards, and ensure that they fit your business’ tone, vision and goals perfectly, in order to get you there faster.

Simply put, Eight Clients’ Creative Agency is the engine behind your campaign.

Without ideas that work – but more importantly work with your business – you have nothing to base the rest of your efforts on.

You’ll be left spinning your wheels as your competitors leave you in the dust.

The problem is, in today’s world, this is just too easy to do.

As the amount of technology available in the world accelerates at an increasing pace, there are more and more ways to solve your business problems and produce campaigns, solutions and platforms that generate results.

Your business can use the best software in the world, pay as much as possible for a brand new chatbot, or commission a professionally-produced YouTube tutorial series…

And see nothing for your efforts.

Or maybe you see results, but they’re far less than what you were looking for and in any case are dwarfed by your competitors.
In these situations you likely started from the wrong position for your product or service, or your campaign and creative idea were not matched up properly.

Our Creative Agency works directly with your team to ensure they understand every aspect of your business and produce ideas that really fit.

This gives you the vision to execute on something that is solid, rather than something that disintegrates at the slightest bit of pressure. Which is all too common in today’s hyper-competitive business world.

We can use our experience and proven track record in crafting messaging for advertising campaigns, producing “big ideas” for your product or branding and even creating entire “storyboards” for your YouTube channel… to name but a few of the areas we’ve worked in before.

Everything we do is based on what works with *you* and *your business*, meaning you will get a perfect match between the functionality of your business and the creativity of our agency.

Think of it like a roadmap for your overall strategy.

You’ll get there faster by basing it on something concrete.


Using an experienced agency to produce the creative agency for your business, means that everything you do relates back to a central theme.

Which means that you have consistency from start to finish.

From the moment a potential customer sees you on social media, clicks on an ad or reads an email sent from your website.


Give us a brief and we can get to work straight away. If you need help with briefing us, just let us know and we can even interview and then write the brief for you. Once we have everything we’ll start the research phase and then come back to you with our concepts. If you like what you see we can then start production (for whatever we’re making). Depending on the executions, this whole process can take a few weeks to a few months.


Not usually unless we think we have really nailed it. It’s best for us to come back to you in a few rounds in order to gauge your style.

Everything relates back to the central theme of what it means to do business with you and your company.

This consistency is something that cannot be overstated in today’s world of fleeting attention spans and thousands of other, “just-like-me” businesses.

Consumers simply have too much choice to pay attention to anything that doesn’t look or feel quite right.

At its core, that’s why well structured brands and solid companies do well despite the insane amount of competition – which is especially prevalent in any online business.

Products and services are not sold anymore, they’re bought. The consumer has choice and the choice to do business with you rests on how much they trust that they will get what they’re paying for when they see *anything* that is related to your company.

Whether that’s an email, a tweet, a website or an ad.

Potential customers need to deeply believe – from start to finish – that you are who you say you are…

And nothing accomplishes that better than having a strong creative vision that is purely aligned with what you are providing your customers.


When you book your initial strategy session with Eight Clients, we will work with you to uncover the heart of what it is that your business provides.

Whether product, service or expertise, we will work on defining at the deepest level what this means for your customer.

And we’ll work with you to define who those customers are.

This produces a level of clarity that allows us to promote the truth of your business, and from this we will develop your creative campaign – starting from scratch with the “big idea” that simply cannot be ignored by anyone who is in your market.

This “big idea” way of thinking puts you miles ahead of your competition – most of whom will be cutting corners and spending money on the next big thing.

Hoping it will solve their problems, without getting to the heart of what your customers really want and need to hear.

From there, we will work with you to construct a concrete creative campaign – whether it’s through email, video or otherwise – so that you have a step by step plan to produce compelling material your potential customers will be drawn to magnetically.

And if you need something more creative – like an event or even a bespoke campaign covering multiple channels – we can do that too.

But don’t worry, we won’t just leave you with an idea and let you “run with it”.

We’ll also work with you to provide guidance on how to make it work – using our experience on previous projects and our knowledge of markets just like yours – to ensure that you’re getting exactly the results you’re looking for.

So, if you’re ready, click on the link below to book a strategy session with us and start defining your business and brand for success.


We have conceptualised television commercials (or big Instagram as we like to call it), chatbots, billboards, ambient executions, new menu items, cocktails, business concepts and have even named businesses for clients. So, pretty much anything. The best ideas start with a business problem and not a tactic so what we present to you may not even be a part of your current thought train.


100% of the time!

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