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Rogerseller came to us wanting to:

  1. Get more leads for their sales team
  2. Make more eCommerce sales via their existing website

So we:

  • Developed a Scroll Stopping Strategy to understand their customer personas better, including which consumers would be interested in Rogerseller and also which commercial specificers we could target
  • Launched a new social media platform for Rogerseller
  • Implemented tracking and conversions into their website, CRM and Google Analytics to get a better understanding of where traffic is coming from and what leads are valuable.
  • Made some tweaks to the content on their website in order to increase conversions
  • Installed some additional tracking which talks to their CRM which gave us some new email marketing sequences to fire
  • Created some scroll stopping videos and animations but performing photoshoots in their showrooms and re-editing their existing assets into more social friendly content
  • Overhauled their always on content strategy to speak with their consumers better and bought them up to speed with new social media best practices
  • Developed Rogerseller a tone of voice for all digital communication
  • Developed a blog strategy which would be incorporated into their paid traffic channels and integrated into their email marketing nurture sequence in order to increase their lead quality
  • Launched paid ads and a digital sales funnel to grow overall awareness on platforms, retarged engaged users with traffic ads and launch product retargeting ads on all platforms in order to increase conversions

The results:

  • Achieved our KPI of 170% increase in website traffic
  • Increased eCom sales in their DTC market
  • Developed eCom ads that delivered a ROAS of 17
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