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Anyone can snap a cute pic and push it out to their socials. But creating exceptional imagery for your social media channels is a science as well as an art!

At Eight Clients, we’re known as one of the best content marketing agencies in Melbourne – because our content looks sensational and performs something fantastic.

We don’t settle for a few simple snaps or basic social media management. Instead, we’re the content marketing agency that goes the distance – developing holistic content strategies that generate real revenue for our clients.

Photography & Content Underpinned By Strategy

At Eight Clients, we know how to generate followers and turn them into paying customers. Don’t bother with a social media account or online advertising, unless you’ve got a roadmap for what your business will achieve and how.

Instead of pouring money down the drain, focus on developing an in-depth content marketing strategy that will give strategic guidance to your social media activities.

Ready to get started? Let us walk you through our workflow, and introduce you to how the best content marketing agency in Melbourne does business…

We begin with a deep-dive visual strategy session. We consistently aim to make sure we’re talking to the right audience, in the right way. We talk through our objectives, aspirations and aesthetics. This ties in neatly with your overall social media strategy, but also digs deeper into the specific look and feel of your feeds.

Our aim is to identify your style in the present – and tie this in with what your brand hopes to achieve in the future.

Content Marketing: Concept To Completion

Next, we work closely with you on the concept creation for your shoot. This is where it gets really fun!

We’re a nimble team of content creators that thrives on a challenging brief. We’re dedicated to communicating the message of your business and generating real revenue in the process. We’re all about attracting customers, achieving crazy conversions, and creating beautiful brands.

We take into account your social media content marketing strategy, the objectives of the final product, and your budget. Then, we come up with creative shoot concepts that generate images that do everything you need them to. And then some!

Come shoot time, we work with a roster of experienced and resourceful photographers. Often we’ve been chatting with them doing the concept stage. Working with the photographer, we find and style locations, ready for impeccable project management on the day of the shoot.

Over our years in business, we’ve been busy putting together a talented team of photographers. We’re constantly on the hunt for creatives that catch our eye. We hire professionals that possess a raw talent for bringing businesses and brands to life online.

Now, we’re the proud owners of a portfolio of outstanding photography that’s achieved real success for our hospitality clients. Because we work with a close-knit and carefully selected group of clients, our work will be ideally suited to your venue and your customers.

The Magic In Social Media Photography

As a successful content marketing agency, we don’t just produce a stylish social media presence. We believe digital marketing is a powerful tool that can drive unparalleled growth for your business.

And because our team understands this opportunity, and has found a way to consistently deliver this for our clients, we’ve become known as the best content marketing agency in Melbourne.

Our content stands apart from work you may have seen from other agencies. This is because we’ve built a team that balances digital marketing magicians with talented young creatives. This combination isn’t just insightful and stylish. It also drives traffic leads and sales unlike anything else!

We know that the success of social media photography and content marketing are intrinsically connected. Outstanding photography is at the core of our content marketing agency. It’s how we create the unique brand of work that we’re famous for!

Our photographers achieve exceptional images on every single shoot. They take our briefs and push them further than we ever thought possible.

It’s kind of scary how often we bring them into something that we secretly think might be impossible to pull off, only to have them say – “What, like it’s hard!?”

Connect With Your Target Audience through Photography

Creating great content is only half the battle. These days, it takes a well-honed organic and paid posting schedule to make sure that your content beats the algorithm and actually gets in front of your audience.

Once we’ve got your strategy locked down, we move onto the second-most important part of the process. How do we continue growing your business? We amplify your content in a targeted and intelligent way.

The advantage of working with the best content marketing agency in Melbourne is that we’re dedicated to achieving outstanding social media success. We do this by connecting you to your target audience, via our suite of outstanding online solutions.

To generate style, substance and sales, it takes a great content marketing agency – just like Eight Clients.

Specialist Photography For Hospitality

When it comes to delivering online results for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and other hospitality groups, there’s no better content marketing agency than Eight Clients. We’re the team that top hospitality professionals choose to trust, when they’re seeking to build their brand and expand their business.

What are our secret ingredients to consistently delivering results for this industry? Our photographic flair and digital marketing expertise. We’re different from our competitors because we blend research and data with creativity and style. The results have to be seen to be believed!

We work best with stylish and charismatic brands with a real desire to achieve results online. Does this sound like you and your business? Our content marketing agency has a passion for the hospitality industry, and a love of all things accommodation and fine dining. If you’re in hospitality, then we’re destined for success.

We pair each of our clients with the perfectly chosen creative. We create images that bring out the best of what your business has to offer. From soft mood lighting to intimate ambience and attention-grabbing food and beverage photography, we know how to get your city talking. It’s time to set your social media channels on fire!

Don’t waste your ad spend on a content marketing agency that isn’t perfectly in tune with the hospitality industry. Choose to work with Eight Clients for our sensational social media photography skills. We’ll build the reputation of your hospitality business, connect you to your customers, and start generating your followers, engagement and bookings.

Meet Our Photographers And Content Marketers

The journey towards online growth and scaling your business begins by meeting our team. If you’re searching for a content marketing agency in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or Perth, then Eight Clients must be at the top of your list.

Our content blends exceptional, editorial photography with a social media strategy this is proven to deliver results. We double down on traffic and engagement, drawing in the kind of users who actually convert to sales and revenue. So few content marketing agency can achieve this level of success!

So, if you need the best in the business, then get in touch with the pros. We’re just a phone call away – or contact us online right now. Have a look at our other content creation services!

For social media photography from the best content marketing agency in Australia, contact us.

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