Become a top-of-mind FMCG brand with a Scroll Stopping Strategy by 8 Clients

Is your FMCG brand keeping up with the new economy?

2020 proved that consumer habits are ever-changing. As Australian FMCG companies emerge from the economic pandemonium, they’re being met by a ‘homebody economy’, characterized by consumers’ increased spending on household essentials as a result of the lingering stay-at-home culture.

This presents FMCG brands like yours an opportunity to put their marketing efforts into full gear and reap fruitful rewards. In this increasingly digital world, there’s no doubt that social media is the best place to start.

Here’s how we use social media to help your brand become an industry leader in the new economy.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove

Consumers aren’t going to do business with a brand they don’t know

Increase brand awareness and trust

81% of customers said they needed to trust the brand first in order to buy from them. So if a customer is choosing between a product they’re unfamiliar with and a product they’ve seen on social media, chances are they’ll choose the latter. 

By boosting your social media presence, we can acquaint your target audience with your brand before their next run to the shops. Our Scroll Stopping Strategy will be tailored to position your brand as the more trustworthy, socially preferred option, while our ad strategy will work on brand awareness.



The degree of connection your customers feel towards your brand directly impacts your sales. 76% of consumers say they would buy from a brand they feel connected to over a competitor, and 57% say they are more likely to increase how much they spend with a brand when they feel connected. 

On the other hand, when consumers don’t feel connected to a brand, 70% are less likely to purchase from them over a competitor. 

So, how exactly do we build these connections?

Consumers say they connect with a brand when (1) they trust them, (2) share the same values, and (3) feel understood by them. We can deliver all of this and more when we manage your social media pages. We are dedicated to building strong, lasting connections through posting relevant content, speaking authentically, and genuinely listening to your customers.

We’ve learned from experience that connection breeds loyalty- and loyalty breeds more than 50% of your sales. We pride ourselves on never missing an opportunity to connect.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove



We probably don’t need to tell you how cutthroat the FMCG industry is. As newer options emerge in the market, your product has a higher chance of being pushed to the back of the shelf. Our tried and tested content creation process is designed to go against this exact industry trend.

To make your brand stand out, we go the extra mile. We’ll highlight your unique brand identity in every post to differentiate you from the competition. And we don’t just stay on top of the trend, we create it. We’re constantly on the pulse of social media, looking for inspiration for fresh new content ideas to help you stay relevant.

By curating a unique brand experience on social media, we’ll spark a collective positive association with your brand, which will eventually nudge consumers into the direction of your sales funnel. 



Starward Whisky
Made in Melbourne. We've helped Starward with their Scroll Stopping Strategy for social growth and eCom sales.
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The Good Pot Co.
We've been delighted to help develop and execute a Scroll Stopping Strategy for our long-term client with their new brand, The Good Pot Co. (we even helped with the naming of this new brand!)
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We started working with StrangeLove in 2015 and it's been a horrible experience. Luckily their drinks are delicious.
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Rice Paper Scissors
We love our hospitality friends, especially Rice Paper Scissors who we started working with in 2015. If you check out their cookbook you'll even see a page on Eight Clients!
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We've loved working with Indomie and have helped them become the most engaged noodle brand in Australia!
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Social Media Services 


Before we get posting, we’ll present you with a Scroll Stopping Social Media strategy that’s designed to make your brand stand out from the competition. It will include your custom audience personas, scroll stopping content pillars and 3 custom campaign concepts developed for your brand. 

For FMCG clients, we study your existing customer data, understand your brand’s product roadmap and then help you develop a 12 month content playbook to rollout. 

We can also analyse wholesale partners, store locations and set-up cutting-edge location based ad strategies to help you become top of mind when your customers walk to the shelves.


We can manage every aspect of your social media profiles, from content scheduling to ads management. We’re proficient in social media management on all major platforms including, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. 

We’ve helped a range of FMCG brands boost their sales by growing their social media alone.


First, we’ll build a social media sales funnel based on your customer’s digital journey. 

Then we entice your audience to start having conversations with you. Lead generation can be performed on the platforms themselves or through your website directly.


Our creativity isn’t only limited to social media. We can conceptualise ideas for practically any medium.  We’ve developed ideas for television commercials (or big Instagram as we like to call it), billboards, new menu items, business concepts and have even named businesses for clients. 

If you need a creative idea for your FMCG brand that’s outside of social media, we’ll be happy to take it on.


We’ve mastered the formula for making attention-grabbing social media content for all sorts of FMCG products. We’ve studied the science behind creating content that will make consumers look for your product on the shelves. 


If you’ve already got a style guide and a defined tone-of-voice, we’ll help you translate it to social media and beyond. If you don’t, we’ll take you through that process. 

We study your audience and brand messaging carefully to create copy that captivates and converts every time.


Your industry moves fast, and so do your customers. Which means that at any time, your social media is going to be packed with questions and complaints about your product. You’ll need a reliable team to manage your social media space and address your customer’s concerns. 

Community management is the extension of your customer service into social media. We’ll regularly respond to messages and comments while maintaining the overall health of your account. 

Our community managers are experienced in building loyal and vocal audiences in FMCG accounts. See exactly what we mean.


What social media platforms do you handle?

We’re experienced in handling all major platforms including, but not limited to, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. If your desired platform isn’t here, let us know what you have in mind!

What is a Scroll Stopping Strategy?

It’s a social media content strategy that we make with the intention of catching your audience’s attention. We aim to captivate social media users in a way that makes them stop their endless scrolling to focus on your content.

What will you need from me to begin?

We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to begin the process. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. From there, we’ll dive deeper into your brand to aid us in making your Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy.

What will my account manager do?

Our Account Managers are creative and personable professionals that create cutting-edge strategies, curate monthly content schedules, track and report EOM KPIs, and manage ad campaigns. They work with the support of our specialists and Sales team to deliver innovative strategies and profitable work.

Are you able to create content (graphic design & photography) for my page?

Yes, we’d be happy to! Head onto our Content Creation page to know more.

Which social media platforms should my FMCG be on?

The platforms we recommend to you will depend on your type of product and target audience. We’ll collect insights from you and include our recommendations in your Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy.

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