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Way back in 2013, the boys fulfilled that crazy idea of opening a restaurant where you only used your hands to eat. The food was great, the cocktails… even greater, but best of all were the amazing experiences shared.

[Page 186 of the Rice Paper Scissors Cookbook]

These three amigos aren’t going to drink themselves.

� FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD!!! Comes in a banquet fit for two! �

Don’t get cheeky just get tiki with #HAWAIIANFRIDAYS at Rice Paper Scissors

Wear your finest HAWAIIAN shirt tonight at Rice Paper Scissors and score yourself a FREE COCKTAIL.

It’s that simple.

Buddy up with ya best gal pal and join us for a food baby or two with our $69 dinner/$59 lunch banquets for two. Don’t forget to #useyourhands.

There are few drinks as classic as the martini. Refined, balanced and silky, this stalwart of every bar everywhere in the world will never go out of style. (Rice Paper Scissors)

A true flight of flavours, the Thaiviation comes with a balance. Lychee infused vodka and violet, topped up with prosecco. (Rice Paper Scissors)

This Sunday, prepare yourself for a feast of food coma proportions features 8 special dishes with matching drinks for $88. This time the theme is “SongKran – Get Ya Thai On” featuring some delicious Thai celebration dishes, including Smoked Duck Larb on Betal, Grilled Calamari with spiced Thai sausage, and Black Sticky Rice with crayfish bisque. [SOLD OUT]

Available in Fitzroy.

Here’s something new we tossed together.

WOK-TOSSED SQUID w/ wok tossed calamari in a southern style dry red curry with green peppercorns and ‘krachai’ ginger.

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