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The Australian 2022 Social Media Calendar

A social media schedule is a challenge to keep up with for any business. Social media should be a mix of automated scheduled posts and timely trend-responsive commentary. Your scheduled articles create the structure of your social media campaign while current events and user engagement guide your interactive content. But how do you build that structure of scheduled social media content for the whole year? The best place to start is with a holiday calendar. After all, celebrating the holidays with your audience is a great way to connect.

Use your social media holiday calendar to wish everyone good tidings, remind your audience to have a good time on special days, and to share local events or special brand deals related to each holiday.

Here in Australia, our holiday list is unique. We celebrate world holidays and some commonwealth holidays but we especially love our own special mix of national, cultural, and just-for-fun Aussie holidays. Here’s a full list of 2022 dates for holidays your Australian audience will love to celebrate with you through social media.


Jan 1: New Year’s Day

Jan 3: International Mind Body Wellness Day

Jan 26: Australia Day (we include this here for completeness however we generally caution clients to think carefully before “celebrating” on this date)

Jan 28: World Data Privacy Day


Feb 1: Chinese New Year

Feb 2: World Wetlands Day

Feb 4: World Cancer Day

Feb 5: World Nutella Day

Feb 8: Royal Hobart Regatta

Feb 12: World Darwin Day

Feb 13: World Radio Day

Feb 14: Valentine’s Day

Feb 27: International Polar Bear Day

Feb 28: Rare Disease Day


Mar 1: World Compliment Day

Mar 3: World Wildlife Day

Mar 5: Sydney Mardis Gras

Mar 6: Foundation Day

Mar 7: Labour Day

Mar 10: International Mario Day

Mar 14: Eight Hours Day / Adelaide Cup / Canberra Day

Mar 15: Ides of March

Mar 17: St Patrick’s Day / National Close the Gap Day

Mar 20: International Day of Happiness

Mar 21: National Harmony Day / March Equinox / International Day of Forests

Mar 23: World Meteorological Day

Mar 25: International Waffle Day

Mar 28: Something-On-A-Stick Day

Mar 31: World Backup Day


Apr 1: April Fools Day

Apr 3: Daylight Savings Ends

Apr 4: International Carrot Day

Apr 6: Self Determination Day

Apr 7: World Health Day

Apr 18: International Haiku Day

Apr 25: ANZAC Day

Apr 27: International Guide Dog Day

Apr 29: International Dance Day


May 2: May Day / International Hary Potter Day

May 5: World New Password Day

May 7: International Astronomy Day

May 8: Mother’s Day

May 13: Fair Trade Day

May 14: World Migratory Bird Day

May 15: World Whiskey Day

May 23: World Turtle Day

May 30: Reconciliation Day


Jun 1: Global Running Day

Jun 3: World Bicycle Day

Jun 5: World Environment Day

Jun 6: Western Australia Day / Queensland Day

Jun 8: Bounty Day / World Oceans Day

Jun 13: Queen’s Birthday

Jun 18: International Sushi Day

Jun 21: June Solstice


Jul 1: International Joke Day

Jul 3: First Day of NAIDOC Week

Jul 3-10: NIADOC Week

Jul 11: World Population Day

Jul 17: World Emoji Day

Jul 18: Nelson Mandela International Day

Jul 30: International Day of Friendship


Aug 1: New South Wales Bank Holiday / Northern Territory Picnic Day

Aug 8: International Cat Day

Aug 9: National Women’s Day

Aug 10: Royal national Agricultural Show Day Queensland

Aug 12: World Elephant Day

Aug 19: World Humanitarian Day

Aug 20: International Homeless Animals Day

Aug 22: World Plant Milk Day


Sept 4: Father’s Day

Sep 5: International Day of Charity

Sep 7: International Day of Clean Air

Sep 8: International Literacy Day

Sep 10: Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 15: International Day of Democracy

Sep 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Sep 22: Hobbit Day

Sep 23: September Equinox

Sep 24: World Bollywood Day

Sep 30: Friday Before AFL Grand Final


Oct 1: International Vegetarian Day

Oct 2: Daylight Savings Starts

Oct 3: Territory Day / Labour Day 2

Oct 5: World Teachers’ Day

Oct 9: World Post Day

Oct 15: International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Oct 21: International Nacho Day

Oct 24: United Nations Day

Oct 31: Halloween


Nov 1: Melbourne Cup Day

Nov 7: Recreation Day

Nov 8: International Tongue Twister Day

Nov 10: International Accounting Day

Nov 11: Remembrance Day

Nov 16: Odd Socks Day

Nov 19: International Men’s Day

Nov 28: Red Planet Day

Nov 30: Thanksgiving


Dec 2: Fritters Day

Dec 5: International Ninja Day

Dec 11: International Mountain Day

Dec 22: December Solstice

Dec 25: Christmas

Dec 26: Boxing Day

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve

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