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Anytime someone says “social media”, 9 times out of 10 Vianch would be one of the first people to chime in. She is an accomplished social media manager and copywriter with a 5-year record in digital campaigns, platform management, and communications strategy. In the Philippines, she’s worked with exciting brands like TikTok, trained by one of the country’s biggest creative agencies.

Outside the 9 to 5, she likes to keep things even more vibrant. She’s an avid cyclist pushing for active mobility and safe spaces for women on the road (spot her cruising through Manila with her colorful bike!) And when she’s not riding, she likes to go rock climbing or just have a cup of coffee at home.

Her experiences in and out of the internet helps shape her creativity and her approach to writing.

Previous Work History/Experience:

Social Media Manager
Dentsu Creative Philippines

Clients Worked On/Case Studies:

Specht Design
Mobile Skips
Slades Beverages
Josh’s Rainbow Eggs
Atlantis Medical
The Next Beat
Aunty Kath’s Cookie Dough

TikTok Philippines
Universal Robina Philippines (food and beverage)
NutriAsia (FMCG)
Jollibee Foods Corporation (fast food)
Unilab Philippines (pharmaceutical)

Something weird about you

I *have* to have lip balm at all times.

What’s something you know a lot about

Social media, of course! Oh and how to channel your divine feminine energy.

Favourite dog breed

The Philippine native dog–called “Aspin”, short for Asong Pinoy which directly translates to, well, Philippine dog! I rescued one from the streets and now she’s the light of my life.

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