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Shanice’s entire personality is filled with mainly 3 things.

Social Media, Latte Art and Dogs.

She is mostly proud of the fact that her coffee (and latte art), kept customers loyally following her from cafe to cafe earlier in her career.

At each cafe, including her mum’s for six fabulous years, Shanice’s flair for social media turned Instagram posts into works of art and Facebook updates into must-reads.

In 2021, Shanice landed her first role in Digital Marketing.

Fast forward to 2023 – She discovered the world of ‘Eight Clients’, where she spends her days helping Marcus deliver strategies for some of the world’s most amazing brands.

Important Note: She WILL stop a conversation halfway to point out a dog across the street.

Besides that, you will still find Shanice helping out at her friends cafe in Preston some Saturday mornings, and working on her and her partners Mobile Bartending business in the evenings – Sleep? That’s on her ‘To-Try’ list.

Previous Work History/Experience:

Worked in Brisbane – Hospitality for almost a decade.

Started washing dishes, worked my way up to head barista and venue manager for several different establishments.

Made the move to Melbourne in late 2021, changed industry to customer consultancy and digital marketing, then found 8C in 2023!

Something weird about you

I can do the splits… I can also make a coffee blindfolded!

What’s something you know a lot about

Dogs and Sneakers (and Coffee too)

Favourite dog breed

Bull Terrier – especially the mini ones. I have a love for funky-odd looking dogs.

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