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Senior Account Manager

Rei Benson

“Hi I’m Rei – pronounced ‘Ray’ (can you tell I get asked this all the time?).

Aside from spending way too much time on social media, I love dinners with friends, exploring new places, lifting weights and smothering my dog with love.

My biggest passion is fitness, so much so I recently started competing in bodybuilding and started documenting on TikTok 💪🏼”

Rei is a marketer with 5 years of experience in media, PR, digital marketing, influencer marketing and social media in both agency and client side roles – it’s safe to say she’s not afraid to give things a go!

Rei has worked with a range of global and local clients from entertainment, fitness, eCommerce, beauty and lifestyle industries such as The Walt Disney Company, SWEAT, Eylure, SugarBaby Beauty and Rialto.

Rei is now a social and content marketing specialist that is passionate about producing amazing content for her clients.

Previous Work History/Experience:

Content and Influencer Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Executive, PR Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator

Clients Worked On/Case Studies:

Aunty Kath’s Cookie Dough, Zelo Group, The Next Beat, Sandhurst Fine Foods, NRAUS, Eight Clients, Tuiss Blinds Online

Something weird about you

I don’t like odd numbers (e.g: volume needs to be an even number or if I have lollies it has to be an even number 😅)

What’s something you know a lot about

Fitness and nutrition.

Favourite dog breed

CORGI! I’m a corgi owner and they’re just the best, but I also love Border Collies.

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