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Kimberly Joyce Manalang

“Hi, I’m Kim! I like to write and I attempt to draw. But sometimes, I think “I attempt to write and I like to draw” is more accurate. Catch me try to achieve my dream of becoming good at drawing here! 🎨”

Kim is a Social Media Account Executive at Eight Clients. She started her career as a copywriter at a small digital content agency, then moved to a bigger digital creative agency to work with some of the most notable brands in the Philippines as a content strategist. She’s passionate about telling stories and making meaningful connections with the help of social media.

During her free time, you’ll find her watching K-Dramas, creating digital drawings, trying craft activities, or attempting to finish a book that’s been sitting on her shelf for years.

Previous Work History/Experience:

Copywriter, Content Strategist

Clients Worked On/Case Studies:

Flawless (C&D), FemFresh (C&D), Curash (C&D), TheraBreath (C&D), Happy Tails, Curtis Stone Events, Melbourne To Do

Something weird about you

I tend to imitate the sound of very random things that catch my attention. I also find pimple-popping and toenail-cleaning videos satisfying.

What’s something you know a lot about


Favourite dog breed

I like small and affectionate dogs like my Shih Tzu, Bembem!

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