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Khoirunnisa Rien Fitri (Nisa)

“Hi! I’m Nisa! Let me know if you ever plan to visit Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta where I live! I really love my hometown and have a secret mission to make Yogyakarta become the 1st destination for international tourists! (It’s now number 2 after Bali) Please visit my Instagram and see the highlights “Love Jogja and U” to support me ;)”

Nisa has more than 10 years of experience  in video production. She started as an intern for a short movie production and is now with Eight Clients as an animator. During those years, she has worked with Indonesian Ministers, start-ups, and even music management!

Nisa is inspired by the motion around her, which sparks imagination and creativity to help her brain create animations and videos. Her style of work is really flexible, from super aesthetic and elegant reels for clients such as Pastore, an Italian restaurant; dynamic videos for Zelo Group, a technology company; and also cute animations for NRAUS, a nutritionist organisation in Australia.

Nisa is always eager to experience new things. Nowadays she’s enjoying her focus mode while listening to comedy podcasts or hip hop music. Who knows, probably she will be working side by side with otters next year!

Previous Work History/Experience:

Video Producer for Financial Technology Company

Clients Worked On/Case Studies:

Indomie, World Square, Church & Dwight, Zelo Group, Briq, Dodo, Pastore, Morris Whisky

Something weird about you

I read One Piece (Japanese comic) and one of my reason to life is to witness the ending.

What’s something you know a lot about

Video production (especially post-pro), movie and series, financial plan, and newest Indomie products.

Favourite dog breed

Corgi, love observing how they walk, it’s so cute.

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