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Juan Pio Miguel Moralde

Meet Pio, our dynamic and creative Social Media Executive who’s redefining the art of online engagement. With a penchant for memes and an unerring pulse on pop culture, Pio is the driving force behind some of the most memorable and shareable content you’ll find on the internet.

Pio’s journey into the world of marketing and social media began in 2019, and they’ve been leaving their indelible mark ever since. Their approach to content creation is refreshingly unconventional, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital landscape.

Beyond the world of memes and viral content, Pio has a deep-rooted passion for the arts. Music, fashion, and all forms of creative expression hold a special place in their heart. This love for the arts often finds its way into their work, infusing it with a unique and captivating flair that’s hard to miss.

But Pio’s talents don’t stop at content creation. They’re equally passionate about community management, where their caring nature truly shines. Whether it’s offering a helping hand to someone in need or fostering a sense of togetherness within online communities, Pio’s dedication is unwavering.

Previous Work History/Experience:

Digital Media Assistant

Clients Worked On/Case Studies:

Red Bull Philippines

Something weird about you

I can identify people by their smell (is that weird? Other people find it weird I do that hahaha)

What’s something you know a lot about

Alternative Music scene, kpop girl group called Loona, and niche memes and interests.

Favourite dog breed

A cocker spaniel! I’m more on the timid side but I do believe I’m very interesting and fun when you get to know me!

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