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Head of Community Management

Gwen Tan

“Hi, I’m Gwen! When I’m not furiously typing away at my keyboard, you’ll find me eating or making videos about food. I’m a major foodie and perhaps you can even catch me on TikTok sometime!”

Gwen is a passionate community management specialist with 10 years of experience working in social media. She’s worked with a diverse portfolio of brands, including Australia’s major telcos such as Dodo and iPrimus, as well as other consumer brands such as Indomie and Church & Dwight.

With a strategic mindset and a creative edge, Gwen’s got this knack for sculpting community experiences that perfectly match each brand’s vibe.

Mixing brainpower with a twist of innovation, Gwen’s community management solutions hit the bullseye for all sorts of brands. Obsessed with nitty-gritty details? So is she!

Service Specialisation Links:

Meta Certified Community Manager

Clients Worked On/Case Studies:

Indomie, Dodo, iPrimus, Church & Dwight, Cadbury, WhatIF Foods, StrangeLove, Hills Home Living, Starward Whisky

Something weird about you

I can cook anything and everything but I can’t chop food up properly.

What’s something you know a lot about

Food! Food! Food!

Favourite dog breed

I’m more of a cat person but if I ever had a dog, it’d be a mini cavoodle. They are so cute!

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