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Bonbelle Christine Cerbo Miller

Bon has had over 10 years of working experience in managing and executing 360 marketing campaigns that involve both traditional and digital marketing with a focus on brand identity building, business development, and solutions-focused content marketing.

Her previous experience as brand manager for an all-natural health products and pet store has given her a keen understanding on how brands connect with consumers through solutions-focused communications strategies. She believes that enabling customers to have a positive experience throughout the entire customer journey will help turn them into loyal brand advocates.

During her free time, you’ll find Bon scuba diving, taking hundreds of photos of dogs and cats, traveling (mostly to Manila to be with her family and pets), learning new languages and watching K-dramas or true crime documentaries.

Previous Work History/Experience:

Brand Manager

Clients Worked On/Case Studies:

Crowne Plaza, Two88 Bar, Indomie Australia & New Zealand, Gingerbread Folk, Grosvenor Place Sydney, myPlates, Eight Clients, Gateway Market, Giddy Citizen, WhatIF Foods

Something weird about you

I have conversations with my pets and talk to them expecting them to answer back. 🙂

What’s something you know a lot about

Dog and cat health tips, Hallyu (K-culture), creating a travel itinerary.

Favourite dog breed

Golden Retriever – calm, dependable, friendly.

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