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How To Give Great Feedback To Your Social Media Agency

A Guide For Clients

Working with a social media agency is a two way street and giving great feedback to your agency will help them give you better work. It’s a win-win!

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Before We Begin

Before you dive in, spend some time with this handy dandy guide to giving great feedback.

Creativity is highly subjective, and every agency approaches it differently. And every client approaches it differently again.

Before you start giving feedback, we recommend reading all of your social media content. Context is everything.

One key Person

Appoint one person from your end to be the agency’s main point of contact. In our experience, the results are best when feedback is channeled through a single pair of eyeballs. It makes things smoother and faster.

And the less time your agency spends talking to seven different people (that really happened once), the more time they can spend on making your audience love you.

Approving content

When you see something you like, don’t just approve it, try to tell your agency why your love what they’ve done. This will give them more context and the knowledge to create more content that works.

For example: “This post is great, it really speaks to the customer’s POV. Love the image too which highlights the new packaging”

Note: if it’s your first round of content from your agency, don’t be alarmed if there’re are lots of changes you’d like made. It takes time and consultation to distil a brand identity into a social media presence.

Investing time in giving your agency feedback about your business means that they will continually refine their understanding of who you are and what you do. This delivers you more accurate content moving forward.

Rejecting Content

If you don’t love a piece of content that your agency has developed, have a think about why that is. If it’s a personal preference, please consider that you may not be in the target audience of this specific post. Professional agencies will have the customer at the forefront of their mind while creating content.

If you still know that the content is not right for your brand or audiences, be nice and specific. Don’t worry, marketing professionals don’t get offended by feedback. It helps them do their job better.

For example, “No thank you.” or “This isn’t it.” is not helpful feedback.

Helpful feedback isolates the problem, explains why it’s a problem and offers a potential path forward.

Feedback Checklist:

✅  Specify what it is that you don’t like

✅  Tell them why

✅  Provide an example of what would you prefer

For example, “Copy is good, but I don’t love this image, it looks a bit low-fi and would damage our premium brand reputation, could we use the campaign images instead?” 

It’s helpful to refer back to the Social Media Strategy document while looking through your schedule preview.


Your agency may come back to you with some clarifying questions or explanations as to why they are suggesting a particular post. This process is critical. Some of the best social media content is created with some tension between you and the agency. This is normal and healthy if you are creating scroll stopping social media content.

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