Social Media Account Manager

We’re looking for an emerging leader with a passion for creating great ideas and then making them a reality. Using your experience crafting creative solutions to complex problems, you’ll create excellent campaigns for your clients.

What’s the job?

Creating stunning content for your client book. Copywriting, strategy, social media management, written content production and client liaison. Your clients need to love you and your colleagues need to be inspired by your work.

Our teams only work with eight clients. Because of that, we have learned to be fussy about who we create a social campaign for. Social media needs creative content, and you can’t be creative about something you don’t love. You are the account manager for these clients and you are going to be responsible for the success of your clients. If that sounds scary, good. This is an incredible opportunity to stand out in this industry. We pride ourselves on an environment that’s based on mutual respect, responsibility and alacrity. We eagerly seek diversity of background and skill set and are focused on the alignment of attitude and energy.

About us

We’re a social media agency based in Melbourne. Our office is in WeWork on Elizabeth St, and we’re a flexible working agency so you can work hours and locations that suit you. Currently accepting applicants from Melbourne and Sydney.


Our agency manages Instagram and Facebook ads training courses, which you will have full access to as you learn how to use social media and create content to grow your client’s accounts. 

Our Clients

We work with brands we like around the world. We’re very specific with who we work with to ensure we delight our clients. Please only apply for this job using the word ‘pug’ in your resume title so we know you’ve read this carefully, attention to detail is important to people like us.

About you

You’re a great writer and have lots of content ideas. Agency experience is a huge bonus.

We value ideas, passion, and drive. Our people come from a range of backgrounds: big-shot ad agencies, crisis management, site-specific theatre, photography, one of them wrote an honours thesis on #foodstagram, another one is famous in Germany. You get the picture.

Skills required

Here are the skills that you need to do this work:

  • Great interpersonal skills

  • Great writing skills

  • Creative thinking

  • Managing projects

  • Ability to become a bottomless well of ideas for your clients

  • Facebook Business Manager Knowledge

Nice to have:

  • Agency experience

Typical tasks:

You’ll have a varied set of day-to-day tasks, including:

  • Writing strategy and social media content plans

  • Copywriting for your client’s posts

  • Understanding client needs and writing proposals

  • Updating our team on client progress

  • Organising parties and events

  • Creating/editing social media posts

  • Editing images/movies/animations/GIFs
  • Briefing creatives
  • Writing guidelines for imagery and copy

  • Meeting with clients about past results

  • Talking to clients about new promotions
  • Talking to photographers and booking shoots

How to apply:

Re-read this job description. Send something to this address:


    Fewer Clients. More Results.

    We have learned to be fussy about who we create a social campaign for. Social media needs creative content, and you can’t be creative about something you don’t love. Eight Clients is founded on the principle of, fewer clients, more results. We work with less than 2% of the companies that request work from us. you can’t be creative about something you don’t love.

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