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How to market an eCommerce business?

eCommerce marketing is both simple and highly technical. As with all marketing, the primary concern should be creating a brilliant product for a defined target market. Then it’s all about creating beautiful digital spaces for the product to live inside, as well as sales channels that integrate into the market’s online behaviour.

What is the difference between eCommerce and digital marketing?

eCommerce marketing is best understood as a sub-section of digital marketing. While eCommerce marketing focuses on driving traffic and conversions for an online store, digital marketing is a catch-all term for all marketing activities in the digital realm.

eCommerce and social media should be best friends. Your customers live most of their online lives in just 5 apps, and all of them are social.  Here’s a short list of exciting things you can do when you bring your online store and your social media together: 

  • Move your e-news blasts to one-on-one conversations in Messenger using chatbots,
  • Find your loyal customers on social and show them highly relevant offers using custom audiences,
  • Retarget people who have abandoned their shopping cart using catalogues, and
  • Create in-app purchases so customers can complete the sales journey without leaving the platform.

There’s so much more! If you have the creativity (that’s us) and the data, there are limitless ways to engage, convert and retain customers using social media. Social media is one of the most powerful eCommerce marketing tools around. Why? Because modern eCommerce is about creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. The more things change the less things change, right? One of the unsung benefits of social media is that all platforms can be quickly integrated with both organic and paid content. That means you can join the party without much fuss. The pitfall, though, is that it can all be a little too easy and brands rush in without a considered strategy. We’re here to help you manage that balance. The buzzword going around at the moment is ‘frictionless’. Most of the time we wish that buzzwords would be launched into the sun, but this one is actually pretty useful. Your customer should be able to interact with you easily, on the channels that they want, and the jump between channels should be so shmick that they enjoy the ride.  The trick is to ensure the path to purchase is as easy as possible then amplify across digital marketing channels so that your audience can find your product or service. Consumers are busy so a slick ecommerce social media strategy is key helping them become aware of your business, make purchases easily, stay up to date your offering and promotions. Understanding and identifying your audience online is the cruz of a successful ecommerce marketing strategy. We can utilise your own customer data plus leverage the tools within the Social Media platforms to find new customers that are highly likely to engage with your brand and increase revenue.  Whether you have an existing e-commerce store, have quickly pivoted to sell your good and services in the current market conditions or need help setting up an e-commerce store we have solutions to help you. Our creativity combined with our love of data and understanding of Social Media tools enables us to develop innovative and unique e-commerce strategies that align with your business goals. It’s all about helping your business to thrive by driving consistent revenue. Adding social media to your digital sales funnel is our area of expertise and we’re here to guide you through it. Here’s a short list of our capabilities, schedule a phone call with our Social Media experts to discuss your specific business requirements.  

Here are some of the way we can help your eCommerce business thrive:

Social Media Management

We can manage every aspect of your social media profiles. We’re great with all major platforms including WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. Our approach can look like this.

Social Listening 

A great strategy starts with knowing what people are saying about you and how they feel. We use a suite of data gathering platforms, as well as good old fashioned brain power, to determine consumer sentiment towards your brand and products. Learn more.

Social Media Content

Anybody can snap a picture however creating exceptional content that speaks to your audience in your language, style and tone is harder than it sounds. Developing the right images for your social media strategy is an art and a science. We’ve got it down.

Copywriting & Tone of Voice

Our copywriters are obsessed with crafting brilliant copy that delights audiences. They work strategically and creatively to weave stories that your consumers will find irresistible. We do a lot of hard work up front to understand your business and audience at a deep level to ensure copy is consistent with your brand across all digital and traditional channels and connects to the audience.

Community Management

At its core, Social Media Community Management is all about generating engagement and keeping the momentum that you’ve built with your business and your brand. At times, Community Management turns into Reputation Management or Crisis Management. We take pride in managing Social Media Crisis Management with diligence and care when it’s required, typically during times of disaster, instability or service/product issues.  More.

Marketing Automation  

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool in your business’ arsenal to fill your sales funnel, convert more prospects and ultimately improve your bottom line. Nurturing your leads ensures you get maximum value out of each lead. Here’s a bit of a deep dive.

SEO + Google Ads

Your exceptional website is great, but can people find it when they need it? Search Engine Optimisation and the Google Ads solutions are vital to invest in so people can find your brand, product or service exactly when they’re looking for it and ready to buy. 

Website Development

These days, a web presence that blows your customers away isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a “you’ll-disappear-without-it”. But it needn’t be daunting or stressful. We’re experts at crafting just the right e-commerce website that does exactly what it needs to do and nothing that it doesn’t. Learn how here.

Email Marketing

Our inboxes are full of 3421 unread emails from brands and organisations, but there’s one we open every time. We can help you be that email.

Workshops & Training

We’re an open book and our absolute favourite thing to do is share our skills. Here’s a bit more about it.

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