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We know you already know this – but your business’ website is a crucial part of its success.

This applies even if you are a predominantly offline business, produce physical products or sell professional services such as consulting.

Every single successful business has a website that makes them shine online and clearly communicates what they do to the rest of the world. Your website is essentially your customers’ window into what you do.

But perhaps more importantly – how you do it. With so many similar products and businesses available at the click of a button, you must instantly communicate what you do but also “why you”.

Why should someone choose to do business with your company, versus all the other options available to them and competing for their attention? Of course, having a solid value proposition and content that communicates this is key.

However, you need a well functioning, easy to use and visually appealing website to deliver this. And that is where Eight Clients Web Development service will put you head and shoulders above your industry.

We work alongside you to create a website that shows you understand your customers and their needs from the second they click onto your URL.

Whether you already have a website that needs re-designing to fit in with current trends and technology, or you need us to start from scratch with you – we’ve got you covered. Eight Clients’ 7 Step Web Development Process means that we will work with you throughout the design and build phases, to produce an online showcase for your brand and business that gets customers buying.

So, how exactly will we do this?

Defining Your Needs
Presenting Visual Styles
Testing URLs
Round 1 Changes & Tweaks
Final Changes

If you’d like to discuss each of these stages in more detail you can contact us now. Or, you can read more about each step below.


Before you begin your first strategy session with us, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire about your online needs.

This includes areas such as key functionality you need for your site – such as CRM integration, email marketing or eCommerce capabilities like Shopify – and user flow through their existing website.

Doing this ensures we have a complete picture of your needs and aims before we kick off our strategy, which means our time together is as productive as possible.

After this, we will begin our initial strategy session to get crystal clear on your questionnaire answers and use them to develop a vision and corresponding strategy for your website.


We’ll ask you about your overall goals, branding, target customer, market… everything needed to produce your ideal website and get your business to where it deserves to be online.

Once this information is collated, we’ll give you something called a website wireframe for your approval. Only once we’re both clear and happy with our vision will we move onto step 2.


Based on your needs and vision, we will produce 4 visual styles for you to choose from. Of course, we will give you guidance on which themes could enhance certain features of your site, but ultimately we like to give our clients the choice to pick whatever feels best to them. After all, you will always know your own business better than anyone else. We can produce additional visual styles for your consideration at additional cost – so if you would like to merge two together for example, then we are more than happy to facilitate this.


Once we have defined your online vision and chosen the visual style that best communicates this and works with the functionality you need in your business, we will set up a test version of your site.

This allows you to test the functionality that you need, and gives you an entire of how responsive the website is, what it looks like on mobile and how any tech integrations you have will work with your design.

We will use placeholder text and images during this phase – however it will give you a great overall picture of how everything fits together and will get you comfortable with your business’ new online home base.

This URL will be presented to you for testing for a period of 7 days. During this phase, you are free to notify us of any changes you would like made to the site, and we will implement them into the Test URL.

We do this by supplying you with access to your own online portal through which you can suggest changes and comment on existing ones that have already been taken care of.


Once we have collected all your comment and suggestions regarding the functionality of the existing test site, we can move onto the next step.

  • People who won’t trust an outdated website 94% 94%
  • eCom revenue from mobile devices 50% 50%
  • People who will leave if they can’t find contact information 44% 44%
  • People who read bulleted list and infographics like this one 70% 70%


During this phase, we will start by consulting with you on the changes you suggested during the testing phase.

Using our existing knowledge base from previous projects, we can advise in advance how certain changes might affect the performance of your site.


For example, having a huge image library might look fantastic but will affect loading speed – so should only be implemented in areas of the site where we can justify its inclusion.

Or, you might like to focus less on the text of your site for certain sections which will affect SEO and your ranking within search engines.

This step is critical as we need to justify all the changes that will be made and ensure that they fit within the overall goals for your site.

This goes for goals such as timelines and production of the finalised site, as well as leads and sales funnels.

After we have agreed on the optimum changes to be made, we will implement them on the site for you and notify you when completed before moving onto the next step.


Content is a vital part of any website. It is what generates your rankings within a search engine and what establishes you as an authority within your market whilst building a connection and relationship with your user-base.

You are free to supply with your own existing content or we are happy to write it for you – following your brand guidelines and overall messaging tone, of course.

If you decide to supply all the content yourself, we will upload it to the website for you. Any changes you would like to make in the future are easily managed through the website’s content management system.

If you would like us to provide the content for your site, this will typically include all content and writing for your homepage, your about us section, and then snippets about your business and the contact page. All of these pages and content will be designed and written with SEO and maximum traffic in mind.


Additionally, if you require photography, we can provide this at an additional fee. However, if you have engaged us in social media management, there will be free of charge.


At this stage, the website will be fully functional – with all content, images and design elements fully integrated.

We can still perform small tweaks to the layout and edits to the content, however the overall design and functionality of the website will be completed by this stage.

Any additions or changes to the content and layout will be performed by us at this stage.

Once you are completely happy with all the finer details of the site, we will publish it to your new or existing URL.


We can either transfer your existing web address to the new website so your existing customers know where to find you. Or, if you are completely rebranding your company and have a new (and improved!) URL, we can publish the site here too.

Once this is done, the website is live and ready to go… which brings us onto the final stage in the process.


Here is where the rubber meets the road.

We will hand over the site to you, and it will be published and visible to the public.

All login credentials and information will be passed onto you, so you retain complete control of the backend of the website should you wish to implement any more tweaks or revise and add content as you see fit.


Alternatively, Eight Clients are more than happy to take over the maintenance of the site in order to monitor and tweak plugins, content and SEO in order to keep the site up to speed and performing at its best.

This will not include and large upgrades to the site’s core functionality, however, if you require this in the future then we will be able to implement this for you as part of a new project.


Getting your new site up and running!

We’re happy to go through the process for you in more detail on an initial strategy call – just click the link below to book a time with us and we can go from there.

This will give you an idea of precisely how we implement the above process in your business and give you insights into what you hope to achieve by upgrading this essential part of your online presence.

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