Instagram Shopping: A Dream For eCommerce Businesses

In Blog, Video by Marcus Willis

Here are they two main ways you can set-up and track your ROI from Instagram.

When you’re looking through Instagram, which I do a lot, and you find something that you wanna buy, it can be really frustrating because sometimes you don’t actually know how to buy. But there’s a couple work arounds. I just want to show you this account here called top3bydesign which is a really beautiful homeware and gift store. There’s one in Emporium, in Melbourne, which is like 15 minutes from me and one in Sydney somewhere. I don’t know where that one is. So whether I’m looking through this Instagram feed which looks fairly decent, I get to look at these items. Ah cool, coffee plates. Now, if I really really wanna buy these, it’s kinda confusing because then I have to go back to the website, I have to search for it, and glass or cup or coffee thing. I don’t really know what these are called. So, because there’s a lot of items on their online store, it can be really confusing. But, what top3design have done is actually installed a shop Instagram feed. So when I click on the link in their bio, really what was the only clickable link on Instagram, I get to look through their feed. This is a completely replicated version of their Instagram feed. When I click on it this time, instead of just seeing the photos, every single item is now linked to the online store. So, when I click on it, I now get to pay $45 for this item which is actually called a thermo cup, which I probably wouldn’t have guessed. So it’s so much easier than actually having to scroll through a website and figure out what they’re called. The other cool thing is when I’m looking through these items I also get to click on a photo where there can be multiple items on here. So, for example, this post, there are six of their products in the same shop. So, if I go, okay cool, I really want this glass, I can click on it down the bottom or I can click on the number in the photo, and actually then shop that glass and click a cross on it. So that’s good. This set up here is using a system called 460 which means that you can link everything. It gives you a URL and you set that as your Instagram bio. That was cool but what is even better now is Instagram has actually integrated this same system in their feed. So, if we come across to our friends at danielwellington, for example, you can see an example of this. They don’t do it with all their posts and you’ll see a lot of user generated content on here. But when I view some of the danielwellington posts, I get to see this cool little thing at the bottom. This shopping bag. When I tap on that I get to view all of their products. Tap on that and I get to see details of this particular item and then shop now. Now I’m being redirected to the Daniel Wellington website so I can purchase this item. Now, this system here that they’re using is actually fully integrated with Instagram so there’s no third party systems. There’s nothing else. But this feature is not available to everyone. It’s still being rolled out at the moment. But if you have the right account, you can set it up. So these are just two ways in which Instagram is and can be used to have a really clear return on investment. When you set up 460 or set up this tracking within Instagram your reporting is amazing. You get to actually see Instagram generated this much revenue. Facebook generated this much revenue. Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube generated this much revenue. Obviously anything with e-commerce and social media, it’s really important to track all of these things. So this is a cool tool that I like using and is only getting better. So if you have any online store, if you’re trying to track anything or any kind of conversions, These systems are an absolute must. You’re actually crazy if you don’t have them. So I highly recommend looking at it. Instagram shopping.