There are only two ways to grow your account with Instagram Stories. Here they are.

Today I’m just going to quickly talk about Instagram stories. And, two really cool tips where you can actually grow your account using Instagram stories. If I have an Instagram account, and then, I post a story like this, bad, and I post this terrible photo outside the window for whatever reason. That is really, really great. Because everyone who already follows me then sees ‘Melbourne To Do’ at the very top, saying, hey they’ve posted, and I get a notification. So what will happen if I post this story right now, is that more people will come back to my Instagram profile, and it will increase my engagement. But, there is no way if I post this story, I will get any new followers, or any new people will discover me. Unless, I do this. Now, at the top of the story, I can do a whole bunch of things. I can add a link, I can save it, I can click on this smiling face business at the top. And then here we get all these toys. And a lot of these toys are really fun, but most of them are actually pointless, actually grainier visibility. So I can say it me, which is beautiful, but does absolutely nothing. However, if I add a location like this, and I say hey, I’m at Myer Melbourne, bang, and I post this Instagram story, then something really cool happens. And I’m going to show you. First thing, is actually, I’m going to delete this story. Because lets face it, it’s actually awful. So I’m gonna delete that, and now I’m going to go into my Instagram app, and I’m going to click search. And, what I’m going to type, is Myer Melbourne. So, I’m going to click on places across here, and then look at Myer Melbourne. And, something relatively new on Instagram, is this little circle at the very top of my screen right now. And, if I click on that, Instagram is going to show me all of the Instagram stories uploaded at Myer Melbourne. And now, I’m looking at this baby. This woman thinks it’s a very beautiful baby, and God bless her, but, okay, I’m gonna skip that. I’m looking at Tim Tam, I’m looking at this cute boy with the elf, I’m looking at the Myer Christmas windows, I’m looking at whatever the hell that is, I’m looking at this guy, this girl, this cute girl. All this stuff. Now, there is no way at all that I could ever, ever come across this content organically. Because who am I? I’m never going to find all these people, and actually look at all their Instagram stories. The only reason that we’re looking at all of this shiny, glittery goodness, is because, and I’ll say the Myer staff. Hooray. The only reason we’re looking at that is because they uploaded it to a geotag within Instagram stories. The exact same thing happens if I go, create a new story, bang, taking another terrible photo outside my window. And then I go to type something in here, and I go #pug, right? Now, if I upload this right now, everyone browsing the #pug can find my content, and these might be people that have never stumbled across my account again. And now, I’m going to go into the #pug. I’m going to click tags. And, ah, this makes me so happy. Now I get to look at all the adorable babies on #pug. And I do recommend doing this, I do it a couple of times a day, just to check, and there’s a, oh God. Oh, I’m so happy. It’s so many pug babies. So now, I get to look at, where’s the pug? I don’t want a baby, I want a pug. I’m skipping that one. And that just goes to show, you got to have your content relevant to your hashtags. If you say there’s a pug, I want a pug, frame one, okay, I don’t want a pug to be introduced, I want a pug from the beginning. So, right now, there is no way that I’d be looking at all of these people’s accounts, unless they had used a hashtag in their Instagram stories. Otherwise, they would just be posting in a vacuum, and there’s all the besties, and there’s no way that we’d come across them. Now, when I’m looking at all these gorgeous pugs, I actually get to click, on this person’s account, And now, I’m looking at this guy’s Instagram account. Of course, I clicked on this guy. And there’s no way we would come across him, there’s no way I would follow him, There’s no way that I’d know that he exists, he was dead to me, until I discovered that keyword under pug, and now I’m gonna follow him, because I’m really into these dogs. Great. So, there are my two tips for actually growing your account through Instagram stories. If you just, like, put like, cute drawings and emojis, and the other little bubbly things, they are really cute, but it actually does completely nothing, and it’s pointless to grow your account. But geotags, hashtags, they’re the business. Thank you.