How to do Twitter marketing?

Twitter marketing is still an exciting and highly engaged platform for some market segments. To use it effectively for marketing, create compelling accounts and leverage your community managers to have continous conversations.

Why use Twitter for social media marketing?

Twitter isn’t the most popular marketing platform anymore, but it still has millions of users. For some market segments it’s still the preferred social media. For example, graduate students and researchers use it to share tips.

How to market business on Twitter?

Market your business on Twitter by creating compelling accounts that you can manage daily. Understand what little corner of Twitter you want to inhabit and do deep research on the users who hang out there. Stay relevant!

Eight Clients manages the Twitter profiles for a number of global corporations and B2C businesses in Australia. Twitter can be a brilliant platform for some business structures and industries. However, it usually isn’t appropriate for most businesses. For example, if you’re running a hospitality business in Australia and using Twitter, you’re probably wasting your time.

We can now also recommend running select remarketing pay per click campaigns on Twitter. These are shown to people who visit your website or have interacted with your mobile application. Twitter also now allows us to create custom audiences to grow your awareness for a launch campaign. As a Twitter social media advertising and marketing agency, we’ve developed our own unique tactics to help you achieve results via Twitter.

Can Twitter fit into your broader social media marketing strategy?

We believe that Twitter can play an important role in the marketing efforts of some businesses. Users tend to tweet at a company first, especially for a complaint so it’s crucial to have a strong community management strategy in place. Most users expect a response from a business’s Twitter account very quickly.

Social Listening

For larger corporations, we are engaged to perform social media monitoring and reporting for their Twitter accounts. This can identify key themes, emerging trends, and key customer concerns. Eight Clients monitors this data to make recommendations to key stakeholders in order to improve customer experiences.

Twitter Account Set Up

Your Twitter account is the place to let your customers know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. We start by creating you an optimised account, designed to increase the awareness of your business. Considering Google now shows Twitter accounts in its search results, we can optimise your page for SEO keywords.

Twitter Content Strategy

Twitter content is unique to other platforms, not just the character limit, but also the image dimensions and use of website links. Having a strong organic content strategy will be a key first step in your Twitter success. An advertising element can also be incorporated into your Twitter campaign to increase website traffic, increase your followers or to develop brand awareness for a launch. Your posting strategy and hashtag management will be researched and handled by Eight Clients.

Increasing Your Twitter Followers

Great content is the key to Twitter audiences growth. We can develop a strong content plan in order to speak directly to your customers. This allows us to cut through and appeal to their values, challenges and needs. In order to achieve this, we will create detailed buyer personas for your brand. This research phase means we get much better content engagement.

Twitter Community Management

A big expectation on Twitter is the timeless of your responses. Eight Clients can handle your community management once we complete your community management and brand book. This is completed for all our clients in order to have a comprehensive and deep knowledge of your brand, customers and product. Once this stage is complete, we can jump in to assist your customers.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is improving their advertising features which have allowed us to develop more sophisticated advertising campaigns for our clients. Twitter advertising now allows us to target:

  • Demographic variables
  • Physical user’s location
  • Interest groups
  • Keywords & phrases used in tweets

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