We’ve pioneered important data analysis techniques and have access to advanced social listening as well as Facebook HQ. 

A great strategy starts with knowing what people are saying about you and how they feel. We use a suite of data gathering platforms, as well as good old fashioned brain power, to determine consumer sentiment towards your brand and products. 

This data helps us anticipate what your audience wants before your competitors so that we can be more proactive in managing issues before they become, well, issues. 

We can also harness this powerful data to determine the most engaging content pillars for your audience. We can harness powerful proprietary data to learn about your customers and potential customers. Did you know that your customers in Sydney are also interested in this juice bar? Did you know that these themes, issues, emojis and hashtags are reaching your customers in a more relevant way? Our data powers are unparalleled when it comes to social media listening. Ask us what we can tell you about your own brand. You’ll be amazed.

Social media review

So you can see if we speak the same language, why not have Marcus Willis call you with a set of recommendations and specific takeaways tailored to you?