The drink drink drinkers drink.

Smoked cola. Now with extra smoke.

@chase_distillery treat berries almost as well as we treat lemons. Pretty badly, actually. We crush our Mildura lemons, and they drown their berries. But it’s worth it, because our #BitterLemon Premium Mixer and their #SloeandMulberry Gin make a fancy pair. The end justifies the means in this case.

Many grapefruits were harmed during the making of this product. 

Attempted flavour experiment number 72123. 
We’re getting closer.

You are so beautiful… to me.

Imagine being on a bed of mandarins, covered in mandarin skin, while mandarin juice showers over you. That’s pretty much what it’s like every time you drink #VeryMandarin

Marketing rejected “Pearnnamon” so now it’s called Pear and Cinnamon.Tastes good, but.

You can’t improve on perfection. So we added a curly straw.