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When one of our long-standing clients, AMES Australasia, came to us about a new brand they wanted to pitch to retail giant Bunnings, we were all ears. They wanted to create a pot brand for indoor plants that encouraged people to curate their in-home sanctuary, with a focus on wellbeing. We were thrilled to respond to the brief, which included an opportunity to name the brand as well.

After a year of creative collaboration, we’re thrilled to work with AMES to launch The Good Pot Co. Available in Bunnings now.

EIGHT CLIENTS: Brand name, Scroll Stopping Strategy, hype reel, landing page reel, website copy and blogs.

Hype video produced by the Eight Clients team.

Our Antik pot’s simple design goes with any space. Choose your mood, with colours Ocean, Dusk, Sun, Lava, Forest and Cloud.

Handmade planters to help you create a sanctuary; a restful space, inviting ease and mindfulness into your routine.

Give your plants the vibrant home they deserve with our classic Billy pot. Curate with colours Ocean, Dusk, Sun, Lava, Forest, and Cloud.

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