EZARD is Chef Teage Ezard’s eponymous fine diner, and one of the most respected dining institutions in Melbourne.

The picturesque landscape in Trentham, Victoria is home to @milkingyardfarm. There, Bruce and Roz Burton pasture raise chickens of exceptional quality. Their commitment to ethical farming has won them a swag of awards and many fans, including us. We elevate the already delicious flavour with cocoa mushrooms and morel butter. With produce this good, we keep it simple.

Established in 1963 @sciclunasrealfoodmerchants is a family run business with an unwavering eye on freshness and integrity. Our veggies are sourced from local producers with the same commitment to quality as we have. #EZARD

Tucked away on Flinders Lane, Ezard has been home to lavish dinners and fond memories since 1999.

Teage Ezard works hard to bring a touch of the unexpected to your plate. We serve our eight score Sher Wagyu beef with mushroom ketchup and a Comte croquette. The dish is finished with delicately smoked ox tongue, fermented onion and a pepper jus. Sometimes more is more.

There are few drinks as classic as the martini. Refined, balanced and silky, this stalwart of every bar everywhere in the world will never go out of style.

Not without occasionally breaking the rules, there are around twenty years of technique, learnings and tradition behind the EZARD kitchen doors. It can be experienced in our dishes, and we think the pink peppercorn cured swordfish is a prime example.

In a new step on our culinary journey, we’ve introduced a fresh take on the classic citrus and chocolate pairing. It’s a silky espresso parfait with a rich chocolate cookie, fleur de sel caramel and zingy mandarin.

EZARD. Since 1999.