Tim Ho Wan Social media marketing campaign
With several decades of experience in making dim sum, both Chef Mak and Chef Leung joined efforts in building the Michelin-starred brand – Tim Ho Wan. Within a year of opening in 2009, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star.
Working with Tim Ho Wan – Melbourne is a joy. A strong relationship and solid foundation with open channels of communication between the account manager and client prove to be one of the most important factors.  We have built an extensive high-end content library and used some of those pieces to create successful campaigns with a viral effect.  A reach of 1.2m, 370k views, 2.2k likes and reactions, 227 shares & 70 comments was accumulated on one video alone. We also provided Tim Ho Wan additional services such as production of video content and graphic design for interior promotions and menu promotions. We have seen a continual incline in the growth of their account, establishing 1300 followers in 6 months, high engagement rates and excellent blogger interest/reach through posts.

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