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Anyone can start a podcast but how do you make it successful? At Eight Clients we can take you from ideation, through strategy development to tactical execution to make sure your podcast is unique, engaging and has listeners!
How to market your podcast?

Podcast marketing sometimes feels like a dark and mysterious art, but it needn’t be so scary. Like any other product, it’s about discovering the target audience and engaging them where they are. Podcast marketing requires a unique approach and we’ve been able to learn through experience so you don’t have to!

How to market your podcast on social media?

Simple. Create thriving communities of fans using social media accounts. The more interesting and useful the accounts, the more likely they (and your downloads) will grow.

So you want to start a podcast?

Every man and his dog have uttered the words “We should totally start a podcast!” The reality is that it takes a lot more than recording and uploading episodes. You need to gain traction, find a loyal audience and increase listenership. At Eight Clients we provide full podcast marketing services complete from strategy development, content ideas, episode planning, editing, marketing and audience development. You want that effort you put into your podcast to pay off. So before you embark on your podcasting venture, ensure you have a clear podcast marketing strategy.

Why you need a podcast marketing strategy

You need to reach the right people, send a clear message and meet your business objectives. It’s important to be clear about why you want to make a podcast. Is it for fun and entertainment during COVID-19 self-isolation or do you want to address serious issues?  A 2019 study by Roy Morgan found that podcasts are growing in Australia and over 1.6 million people now download audio or video podcasts in an average four week period. That’s 70% growth over the previous four years.  According to a 2019 survey by ABC, Australia’s most avid podcasts listeners are Millennials which makes up 40% of listeners, followed by Gen Z (29%), and Gen X (21%). Victorians download podcasts at a higher rate than any other state!  Podcasting has huge potential to reach people. But it’s an increasingly crowded market and, like any other media, it’s vital that you have a strong strategy and technical execution.   

Our top podcast marketing tips

Have a clear strategy

Know what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to and why you’re saying it. Podcast listeners want content that educates, entertains and informs. What’s your content strategy?

Use high-tech equipment and soundproofing

Hire our podcasting booth before buying all the expensive equipment yourself. Ensure your listeners are able to focus on your message and aren’t being distracted by the conversations going on around you in that coffeeshop you’re in while recording on your iPhone. Yes, that does happen. Please don’t do it!

Engage experienced editors

It’s important to ensure the episode sounds professional and is the desired length while not sacrificing content. They can also add a catchy jingle and an intro/outro which adds an extra layer of professionalism.

Write good copy

Clear, engaging episode headlines & descriptions. Reading this information about your podcast is one of the most common ways people decide whether or not to listen. Make it count!

Amplify with marketing

Leverage your existing marketing channels, particularly social media, to ensure your engaged and loyal followers are aware and listening. These early consumers can be pivotal to the podcasts success.

Ask for reviews

Reviews, recommendations and sharing is key as word of mouth is the #1 way of discovering new podcasts.

What’s Next?

A strong marketing strategy, killer social presence, great SEO, and well developed landing pages are the keys to making your podcast a success. Let’s chat about your idea.

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