Live Streaming on Social Media

Are you leveraging live streaming to promote your business? Now is the time to develop a clear strategy and utilise live streaming to connect with your audience

We know it’s hard to pivot to remote service delivery. How can a cooking school deliver classes online? How will a local gallery engage with the community with its doors closed?

Part of the answer is live streaming. It makes sense: if your customers are online, they’re almost certainly on social media and live streaming technology exists. We can help you add this nifty tool to your marketing strategy and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

No need to build your own streaming service, no dealing with streaming contracts with an existing service. While utilising the Facebook and Instagram live stream features is easy, developing content that engages the right audience is the key and this is where our expertise can really help. It’s not as easy as whacking the content up.

We’re also a full-service social media agency that deals first and foremost in creativity. We think outside the box to deliver unique, innovative and engaging content to your audience and take a data-driven approach to continually evolve your strategy and achieve your business goals.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Live Stream Watch Parties

We can help you organise and promote watch parties using Facebook Live and the Watch Party features. This live streaming feature is now a powerful way to bring your audience together.

Find and Grow Your Online Audience

Using custom audiences, we can help you locate your existing, past and future customers on social media, and target them with offers. Then, using lookalike audiences and good old fashioned creativity, we can grow your online presence.

Live Streaming Production

We can help you produce highly engaging and well-crafted live streams for your business, whether it be a product, service, performance or gallery that you’re wanting to share. From scripting to shooting to fan engagement during the event, we can help you plan and execute live streams that meaningfully translate your business into an online setting in the most engaging and effective way.

Live Streaming Theatre Productions

Live performance has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Independents and large companies alike are scratching their heads wondering how to make live performance available online. Unless you’re the MET or National Theatre, it’s very daunting. 

The good news is that Facebook and Instagram offer free live streaming features. You might not be able to run a multi-camera performance, but there are many creative ways to adapt your show for online. 

Using your directorial brilliance and our online and media production nous, we can help you create incredible livestreams of your productions. 

Our team has worked on award winning site-responsive theatre, regular theatre, stand up comedy, prime time reality TV, commercials, screenwriting projects, and of course every advertising medium possible. 


IGTV is a great way to engage your customer base in a low-stakes screen environment. In general, the production values of IGTV content are lower than any other streaming platform. This means two things. One, the barriers to entry are very low. You can grab your phone and start filming now. Two, with a very small step up in production values, your content can stand out. 

Digital Film Editing

It goes without saying that we can edit film. We’re a nimble agency that runs on ideas first. We’ve got AFTRS trained editors on the team, not to mention a (remote) office full of digital creatives who are passionate about delivering winning ideas on a small budget. 

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