Connect with the accounts that matter

Connecting with bloggers and influencers is a fundamental aspect of a great social media strategy. It’s key is to select the right profiles in your chosen space to connect with. By associating yourself or your brand with influential accounts, you are able leverage their clout to improve your own brand.

We focus on creating meaningful and long-term relationships with our partners and bloggers in order to ensure the highest content value.

Some important considerations when it comes to blogger relations:

Ensure it’s on brand
Research the writer or brand and understand their topic scope to sure it’s a meaningful connection. For example, if you’re promoting a new health supplement, don’t just contact bodybuilders, you can also contact gyms, personal trainers, fitness writers, lifestyle publications, cycling clubs and health food stores.

Be direct
Don’t information overload. As we’ve found by creating @MelbourneToDo, we receive hundreds of emails a week from business asking to be featured in our growing Instagram account and website. The ones that we are able to feature all have one thing in common, they’re short and direct. Tell us what you want and there’s a change we can help. If you write an email that requires a response to get all of the information, you’ve failed.

Attaching a PDF to an email and then hoping for the best won’t get you many responses. Most bloggers and publications see a lot of content requests so please ensure that you’ve made it extremely east for them.

Be Creative.
We’ve seen it all; so don’t be afraid to do something different. We’ve found that some of the best response rates have come from the most unusual tactics. We’ve posted jars of jelly beans, cocktail books and personalised numberplates in order to ensure that our message is received loud and clear by the people who need to see it.

Be Nice
Introduce yourself, say hello and start a relationship with someone. We’ve found the easiest way to ensure we get the best results is to be nice, offer your influencer something in return for his or her efforts. This can of course, include a paid promotion or offering of your product or service.

Follow Up
Someone came to your media night and forgot to post something? No trouble, now it’s our responsibility to ensure that they have all appropriate content, images and information in order to post to their database. Following up on our influencers and bloggers is just as important as connecting with them in the first place.

We’ve since repeated these concepts for our clients and built some of the most engaging and sizable accounts in the country. Our clients enjoy our highly tuned methods that deliver exceptional growth and sustainable long-term returns.

Focused on ROI and tangible results, we create and deliver unique content and publish it to your Instagram account for you.