Get More Direct Room Nights With a Scroll Stopping Strategy

We’re the secret weapon of IHG, Sofitel and Next Story Group. Get More people staying at your hotel with a Scroll Stopping Strategy by Eight Clients.

We’re here to help hotels like yours drive more direct room nights through attention worthy social media content that helps the bottom line. Our strategies have been proven to increase your hotel’s leisure marketing occupancy rate.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove

Get more heads in beds


With most hotel bookings done online, your customer is presented with a plethora of options to choose from. So, how do you stand out from that crowd?

Booking sites only show rooms, while social media sells experiences. We’ll bring the dream hotel experience to life through irresistible, FOMO inducing content, so we can show your customers what they can best get out of their stay. Growing an online community will help you drive more direct room nights and pay less OTA commissions.

We’re a team of self-proclaimed hotel connoisseurs that knows what it takes to get your target audience to click “Book Now”. Once you decide to work with us, we’ll present you with a Scroll Stopping Social Strategy that’s designed to position you as the must-try choice so you can get more customers through the door.

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Leverage User Generated Content

Your social media reviews matter just as much as your TripAdvisor or Google reviews.

If the hotel experience you provide is an Instagram-worthy one, you can bet that your guests will take the liberty to share their experience with their followers. When people go out of their way to promote your business on social media, their following, however small, will automatically have a strong positive association with your brand. So much so that 88% of people have the highest level of trust in a brand when a friend or family member recommended it.

We leverage this kind of marketing by incorporating a handful of User Generated Content in your monthly strategy and employing tried and tested influencer marketing strategies to increase brand trust within your audience.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove

Elevate your customer’s experience

Grow your loyal customer base

In the hotel industry, service is king, and it isn’t limited to serving your guests on-site. Your customer’s experience also includes what happens before and after their stay such as customer service and brand interaction.

We offer end-to-end social media marketing services that will guide your customer throughout their entire buying journey. Our community management services will make sure your customers are in good hands. We’ll attend to their inquiries and comments prior to their stay, and engage with them after it so you can build long-lasting relationships with them. Get ready to see some more familiar faces, because a bunch of loyal customers are going to coming your way.



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We started working with StrangeLove in 2015 and it's been a horrible experience. Luckily their drinks are delicious.
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Social Media Services for Hotels & Resorts

Scroll Stopping Strategy™ for Your Hotel

We’ll present you with a Scroll Stopping Strategy that’s designed to win over travellers and hotel-seekers. Your Scroll Stopping Strategy™ will include your custom audience personas, scroll stopping content pillars and 3 custom campaign concepts developed for your property. We’ll also map out 12 months of key dates to make sure your hotel never misses an opportunity.

With the help of the marketing data we’ve collected throughout the years on hotels, we can guarantee that we’ll deliver effective solutions to your business needs.

Social Media Management

We can handle every aspect of your hotel’s social media profiles, from content creation to ads management. We’ll build a strategy based on our deep understanding of hotel marketing and insights from your business’ data.

We’re proficient in social media management on all major platforms including WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.

Lead Generation

First, we’ll build a social media sales funnel based on your customer’s digital journey. Then we’ll create an organic and paid strategy to entice them to start having conversations with you.
We’ve developed lead generation strategies that have drastically increased bookings and reservations for our hotel clients. We can perform lead generation on the platforms themselves or through your website directly. Our ads can help you drive more direct room nights.

Creative Ideas for the Leisure Market

If you need creative advertising beyond social media, look no further.

We’ve developed ideas for television commercials (or big Instagram as we like to call it), billboards, new menu items, business concepts and have even named businesses for clients. If you need an idea for absolutely anything, don’t hesitate to hit us up. We can help hotels specifically with enticing leisure offers. Perhaps we can partner your hotel with another client of ours or help you establish a new business partnership to developing an exciting offer for the leisure market.

Content Creation

The content we create for hotels is designed to sell your customers on an experience, not a room.

We’re experienced in managing and art directing on-site shoots for hotel clients, as well as curating user-generated content. We’ll create eye-catching, irresistible content that’ll make your hotel look like an adult’s Disneyland.

Copywriting and TOV

If you’ve already got a style guide and a defined tone-of-voice, we’ll help you translate it to social media and beyond. If you don’t, we’ll take you through that process.

We’ll study your business, dine with you, and immerse ourselves in your services, so we can write copy that authentically reflects who you are and how you want to make your customers feel.

Community Management

Hotel customers expect timely responses and trustworthy information, and nowadays they’re more likely to message you on social media than to ring up your landline. In your industry, customer service is everything, so community management is a must.

Our community management team will assist your customers at any stage of their purchase journey. By attentively responding to messages and comments, we can increase your engagement with customers and directly impact your booking rate.

Hotel Influencer Stays

If your strategy calls for it, we can help you identify, connect with and organise key influencers to stay at your property and document their stay. We can then repurpose their content and help you attract more customers. Influencers have been a great source of awareness for hotels. However, we don’t just get them to post and stop there, we work with them to help drive key offers, talk about offers specific to your hotel and then leverage their content in our ads.


Are you able to create content (graphic design & photography) for my page?

Yes, we’d be happy to! Head onto our Content Creation page to know more.

Do you take the photos for my venue?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll help design a shot list, content strategy and then book our photographer to come into your venue.

Why should I care about community management for my hotel business?

Your audience expects you to be available to answer their questions and concerns within 24 hours. If you don’t, you could lose their booking. Or, worse, miss their complaint and lose the opportunity to rectify it before they go on complaining to their followers and friends.

Great community management can also reduce pressure on your bookings and customer service team. We can help integrate your bookings system with your socials so that your customers can book for themselves without needing to pick up the phone.

How can social media increase my hotel’s bookings?

Have you ever noticed yourself looking at another hotel’s social media and thinking, “damn that place looks fun!” Well, your customers do that, too. In fact, social media is one of the first places people go to get inspiration and recommendations for functions venues. Your hotel’s marketing strategy should include an intelligent use of socials.

What platforms should my hotel be on?

The platforms we recommend to you will depend on your type of product and target audience. We’ll collect insights from you and include our recommendations in your Scroll Stopping Strategy.

What will my account manager do?

Our Account Managers are creative and personable professionals that create cutting-edge strategies, curate monthly content schedules, track and report EOM KPIs, and manage ad campaigns. They work with the support of our specialists and Sales team to deliver innovative strategies and profitable work.

What is a Scroll Stopping Strategy?

It’s a content strategy that we make with the intention of catching your audience’s attention. We aim to captivate social media users in a way that makes them stop their endless scrolling to focus on your content. Click here to learn more.

What will you need from me to begin?

We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to begin the process. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. From there, we’ll dive deeper into your brand to aid us in making your Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy.

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