Email Marketing

We all know that email marketing is the original digital direct marketing tactic. It may not be the most fashionable anymore, but it’s still mighty powerful. 

While all of our inboxes are full of 3421 unread emails from brands and organisations, there’s always one that we open every time. We can help you be that email. 

Crafting an email presence that strikes the right balance between editorial and sales orientations takes a razor-sharp eye for content, the very best writing and an understanding of the audience so intimate that you can predict whether they’re a scruncher or a folder.

Using our advanced social listening techniques and top-class creative practice we craft EDMs that stand out and do what you need them to.  

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Fewer Clients. More Results.

We have learned to be fussy about who we create a social campaign for. Social media needs creative content, and you can’t be creative about something you don’t love. Eight Clients is founded on the principle of, fewer clients, more results. We work with less than 2% of the companies that request work from us. 

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