Upcoming Workshop at New Beginning Fair: “Pugs, Social Media & Quiche”

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Blog

New Beginnings Fair

We’re thrilled to be participating at the upcoming New Beginning Fair in Melbourne on Friday 19th August.

We’ll have a stall on the day to showcase some case studies and to explain how we see the future on social media marketing.

We’ll also be running an extremely fun and interactive course on the day at 5.30pm and 6.30pm with capacity approx 120 per session. 

Sneak peek into the venue for our Melbourne fair. How gorgeous is it?!

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Social Media Course by Marcus Willis from Eight Clients:

“Pugs, Social Media & Quiche” – held at New Beginnings Fair.

Course Details:

There’s a cafe in Melbourne with more followers than Kia, Ford, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba combined. 

There are two girls who make a face scrub with more followers than Australia’s leading 10 companies combined.

The brands who are winning new customers and social interactions are creating content to delight their audience. This course showcases some of the internet’s best original content creators. We’ll examine how new cutting edge content concepts are bucking the trend when it comes to social media content creation.

This course will push your creative boundaries to let you develop new content to create meaningful and long term connections with your audience.


  • I don’t care
  • Why am I following you?
  • Advertising versus marketing
  • Good is terrible
  • Your audience is real
  • Brands doing it right
  • Brands that depress me
  • Getting noticed


  • Finding your voice
  • Being missed
  • The art of creative thinking
  • Growing your database
  • Content that’s noticed

The presenter, Marcus Willis is the force behind many popular social media accounts, including @MelbourneToDo (60,000 followers). Marcus also owns the social media management agency, Eight Clients, which manages the social media channels for clients in tourism, travel, hospitality, fashion and FMCG for brands across the world.

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