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Top 8 Instagram Bio Hacks

In Blog by Courtney Legare

Your bio is the first thing people see when they come to your profile, make sure you have the know-how to create a lasting first impression and stand out from the crowd. We have consolidated our top Instagram bio hacks for you.

We have consolidated our top Instagram bio hacks for you:

  1. Keep bio length between 140-160 characters -Keeping the profile length between 140-160 characters gives you enough room to include a CTA, key information (email, phone, etc.) and some brand copy. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of personality to your bio also.
  2. Always include your email – If you have a business profile, link your email in the bio as well as the business info section (this is where Instagram creates a button for you). The reason for this is when using Instagram on desktop, users aren’t able to see the buttons and only the bio copy.
  3. Use the link section wisely – This is the only section on Instagram which enables users the use of a clickable link, so use it wisely. Don’t just have a stagnant link either, feel free to mix it up and use tracking links on recent articles or products/pages. You can relate to the link in posts to direct users to it also.
  4. Do not put your ‘Name’ in the ‘Name’ section – When entering info in your bio, you will come across the part where you have to enter your ‘Name’. Don’t listen to Instagram and just enter your name here regardless if you’re an individual or business. The reason for this is because this is the only keyword searchable part of your profile. Enter SEO keywords that relate to your business or page, that way you will be able to be found faster when searched in the Explore page.
  5. Format your bio in Notes – When writing your Instagram bio start the draft in your Notes section on iPhone or even in Facebook status section (be careful not to press send though). For some unapparent reason, Instagram bio does not let you include line breaks, which is why you have to compose the bio elsewhere and copy and paste it in when ready.
  6. Using emojis – Use emojis sparingly. They work best when you use them to identify key store information — store location, hours, email and contact number.
  7. Use hashtags only if necessary – Branded hashtags are useful for curating posts. You can also use them to solicit UGC (User-Generated Content).  Generic hashtags are generally good for increasing your discoverability. If you include the #picoftheday hashtag in your bio, for instance, your profile will be visible when someone searches for this hashtag.
  8. Include a CTA (Call To Action) – Entice users to click or your link, email you, shop now, learn more or do whatever is it that you want them to do by including at CTA.