1.Discover Unofficial Holidays & Events With Forekast.

From National Puppy Day to International Slap A Friend Day, there seems to be a day for everything. As social media marketers, how do we keep up with these special days and leverage these moments? Enter Forekast, one of the best ways to discover what’s happening and what’s coming up. As you scroll through Forekast, you get an overview of what’s going on and what’s trending in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. Never, ever, miss a National Chocolate Fondue Day ever again. 😉


2. Be the Answer to their Problems (Quora)

We all know that one friend who always have the answers. What If I tell you that you can be that person?

Quora opens the floodgates of questions and ideas that can be turned into great social media content. Imagine this: You manage the social media account of a vegan supermarket in Melbourne. You go into Quora to find that 1000 people from Melbourne have asked questions about a particular vegan product that you stock. So now you know that there is a high interest in this product. Turn this into a social media post and you will look like an absolute genius. You’re welcome.


3. Ask Twitter how you can take advantage of Twitter.

Not a lot of people know this but Twitter REALLY wants you to use Twitter. That’s why they have made it easier for us marketers to make sure we leverage every trending event with the Twitter Marketing Calendar.

With the calendar, you get a great overview of trending events coming up on Twitter. This can provide inspiration when setting up your monthly social media schedule, allowing you to capitalise on the biggest expected events of the month on Twitter.