The Good (the Bad and the Ugly of Covid-19)

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Blog

When we started writing this it was going to be called The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Covid-19. But you’ve been through enough so it’s now just the good.

While this is a look at how brands and personalities are using social media in kind or funny ways, we also want to recognise the human impact that Covid-19 has had physically, mentally and financially on our community.

Who Gives A Crap

Long a beacon of empathy and authenticity, Who Gives A Crap came out strong when the TP wars began.

It started with this statement released on their socials on the 4th of march.


They followed it up with this.

And then this on Insta (and they were still attacked by someone who thought that they used plastic packaging):


And this on Facebook and Twitter:

Why’s this all good? Simple. They are showing empathy and crafting communications that are genuinely useful to their audience.

This is a masterclass in knowing who you are as a brand and valuing your audience.

Not that their motives are totally altruistic. They’re growing brand equity, brand awareness and, ultimately, market share by navigating this national crisis with their trademark humour and empathy. We can all try to give a bit more crap.

Great ideas

Guinness got the credit for this incredible piece of creative. Except the creator, Luke O’Reilly wasn’t mad, he was just impressed that so many people loved his work.


Quaran-tina Arena

Bonus round: Quaran-tina Arena has been giving it her all on Instagram over the past few days and we honestly don’t deserve her.