Stalking Tips: Testing Snapchat Specs

In Blog, Video by Marcus Willis

Snapchat Specs – yes they’re a thing.

I now own Snapchat glasses. Which has been very disturbing for every single person that I know in the last week. Because I’ve essentially just been doing this, the whole time. When this lights up it means that we’re recording and it automatically gets blue toothed to my phone and then I can go bang if I want to and upload it to my Snapchat story. So these are them. They’re not available for sale in Australia, but we got our hands on some somehow. And me and my office did something incredibly illegal I assume to get his hands on these, which is exciting. So, they come in a cool yellow case, which is also a charger and you plug it in to a USB and then all of a sudden you’re charging, you’re in business. It takes like 2 seconds to set them up. It’s incredibly easy. And the way that you set it up, is actually you get your Snapchat snap code and then you make the glasses look at it and they just know that they belong with each other. And all of a sudden you’re in business. So, once you’ve been snapping away, and you’re like cool, let’s check it out. You open up your Snapchat app. And this is kind of fifty, sixty pictures now, and like picture, picture, picture. And now I’m snap chatting all of this, which is incredibly confusing. Quick, open up Snapchat and then you get to… At the top here you can see in memories, tap on specs and then you get to look at all of the activities that you’ve done today. So this is me just floating around the office. And you can see it’s kind of weird. It’s like really, really first person. And it’s kind of in this weird 360 bubble, which I’m totally into. And you can see me walking, and then this is the snap I just started snapping. This is snap-ception. We’re snapping on snapping on snapping. And then this is me snapping when I was talking about snapping in a snap. So there’s just so many snaps going on, it’s blowing my mind. But it’s really, really fun because it’s just so easy. And you can see it took me whoa, too much. You can see it took me like three seconds and then all of a sudden I was looking at the Snapchat I was just looking at. So I’m totally into them. I regret getting black ones because they also come in the weirdest blue ever. But I like that fact that it lights up when you’re actually filming. Because that feels slightly less creepy. So yeah, this is Snapchat glasses. My favorite thing about Snapchat is that 23% of people that use it, use it because their parents aren’t on Snapchat. Which totally resonates with me. And then my mom got Snapchat and now she snaps me photos of our slowly, slowly dying 19 year old cat named Shania, who is named after Shania Twain. And all of a sudden it feels like Snapchat is ruined for me because every time I log in, instead of looking at fun things, I’m looking at my cat just wheezing, and just edging closer and closer to death. But I think that’s more about me, then about you. So these are Snapchat glasses. I really recommend them. If you want, I can askto try to get you a copy of them. They were a horrific failure for Snapchat. And they’ve lost an incredible amount of money making these bad boys. But I think it’s totally worth it because more people are then using Snapchat and it makes it so easy to snap. And when I’m invading the privacy of my friends and family members it’s really in a very non-intrusive way. It’s a lot better than me having to like viewing them throughout my phone. It’s just me pushing a button and then them all sighing simultaneously … they’re like, “Are you filming this?” Snapchat specs.