2020 has started as a tough one. So we’ve decided to compile a small list of social media used for good (and feel-good) purposes.

Celeste for PM

Celeste Barber has fast become a national treasure. You’ve probably heard about her fundraising campaign that earnt $51M on Facebook. It started with a heartfelt plea and a modest ask, but quickly gained traction and became the highest-earning fundraiser in the platform’s history. For some people, it’s the first time they’ve really taken notice of fundraising on the platform, but the Facebook API has been used for good since 2016. Movember has grossed $9.9M using the tool and see it as an important part of their fundraising model. Of course, it’s in Facebook’s best interest to be seen to do some good given their sordid dealings of late. Still, we can celebrate the efforts of innovative charities and Instagram stars leveraging their social capital to change the world for the better.


Started in late 2019 to support drought-stricken rural communities, Buy From The Bush is a social media campaign that asks consumers to consider lending their spending power to keep local businesses afloat. The movement quickly amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and injected cash into struggling communities. Now, as rural Australia faces down the bushfire crisis, Buy From The Bush is even more important.


Following the success of Buy From The Bush, friends and colleagues Turia Pitt and Grace McBride launched #spendwiththem. It’s a social media campaign that gives businesses in fire-affected areas a boost in awareness. The associated Instagram account has 194K followers and climbing.

2,000 strangers describe their dogs for a member of their Facebook group who is blind

Facebook groups have a lot to answer for when it comes to spreading misinformation and destabilising modern liberal democracies. But when it comes to puppers, it really delivers. Stephen Shkuratoff loves being a member of Dogspotting Society, but he’s blind and can’t enjoy the mirrade of doggo pictures. So he asked the group to describe their dogs for him. More than 2,000 responded with heartwarming descriptions of their pouches. Read the whole feed and restore your faith in humanity.