Social Media Management for your Bar

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Blog

Turn your bar into a brand

We know that the three most important things that make or break a hospitality venue are atmosphere, service and product and we work with you to leverage the best attributes of your bar and turn them into your brand.

Bring your voice to more people

Have you heard about that new bar in Fitzroy? How did you hear about it? From John? How did John hear about it? Even with all the resources, we have at our disposal today the best form of advertising for a bar is still word of mouth. Through a combination of targeted hashtags, high quality and specifically timed posts, and user generated content we develop a conversation on a grand scale, about your brand.

Happy hour starts with a click

So business is booming Thursday to Sunday. Congratulations, what about Monday through to Wednesday? And how can you leverage off your busier nights through value add-on purchases? Using an ever-increasing database of potential customers we engage with users to encourage them to try that new cocktail that may be slightly outside their comfort zone and perhaps try it with a deliciously paired canapé.

Turn your bar into a brand

Coconut cocktails at 1806.

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