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4 New Social Updates

Instagram introduces new Story sticker to support small businesses
Credit: @mosseri

Instagram has launched a new sticker for Stories to “Support Small Businesses”, letting users promote their favourite small business in this challenging time. The sticker is available to all users and Stories with this sticker will be added to a shared story where friends can see the businesses you love.

You can now pin comments on Instagram
Credit: @mosseri

To fight against online bullying, Instagram has added three new features to their platform, the first of which is Pinned Comments, a tool to help people set the tone of their accounts by pinning a select number of comments to the top of their comments thread. To help people manage multiple unwanted comments, users can now delete and block or restrict multiple users at once. Also, the platform is launching additional controls for tags and mentions, allowing users to manage who they are tagged or mentioned by.

LinkedIn launches Virtual Events for Pages
man holding tablet computer

As in-person events remain on hold for the foreseeable future, LinkedIn is launching Virtual Events as a solution for Pages. With Virtual Events, brands and organisations can use LinkedIn Live and live stream for page followers or event attendees. Similarly, these events can be promoted to page followers or via direct invitations to first-degree connections. Brands can also use paid targeting and advertising solutions to reach relevant audiences outside their networks. Some third-party broadcasting tools are currently integrated, with more to be added over the coming months.

TikTok is launching a new AR ad format
black smartphone displaying Tik Tok logo

TikTok is launching a new AR ad format called “AR Brand Effect”, a format which will allow TikTok users to “add interactive visual effects from advertisers to their videos that interact with the physical environment around them.” These ads are set to be clickable and will feature music that plays as the user creates their video.

4 Things Trending On Social

There’s some public beef going between ABC News Pages from around Australia
ABC News Pages From Around Aus Had A Very Public Beef Yesterday & The Memes Are Delectable
Credit: Pedestrian

ABC News pages from around the country have been beefing on Facebook, to a point it became a meme war. It all started with ABC Darwin posted about a proposed ‘travel bubble’ for the western part of the country, based on the idea that the NT, SA and WA, which all have comparatively low coronavirus cases, could open their borders to one another safely. The eastern states weren’t having it, with ABC Hobart, ABC Melbourne and ABC Sydney firing back, in a bunch of now-deleted comments. Very quickly, the interstate beef became an all-out meme war between the official Facebook pages of the national broadcaster. Brb, grabbing some popcorn.

This TikTok hack about milking a cucumber is going viral

milking a cucumber?##healthheroes ##kitchenhacks ##cucumber ##fyp

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Apparently milking your cucumber is necessary as it takes off the bitterness and makes the cucumber tastes as fresh as it possibly can. In a TikTok hack gone viral, all you have to do is cut the edges off and rub them in circular motions with the rest of the cucumber so that the white stuff will start coming out. There you go!

TikTok weight-loss videos are fuelling eating disorders during the pandemic
A caption on TikTok reading 'me crying about my body every night and swearing I'll change tomorrow'
Credit: ABC News

Young TikTok users are creating and distributing a huge amount of content promoting “extremely unsafe” weight-loss techniques, according to health experts. At the moment, while these videos are technically not allowed on the platform under their self-harm policy, TikTok is struggling to restrict access to such content, which has only worsened amid the pandemic. It remains a pressing concern as these problematic videos are sending out wrong messages to TikTok’s largely young audience.

Roller-skating is making a comeback

Call me Jenny 💋 @jlo ##rollerskating ##jlotiktokchallenge

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Watching people blissfully roller-skate amid the pandemic has become a thing and there are some pretty good vibes you could get out it. There’s something mesmerising about these videos on TikTok, which is one of the reasons why the sport is making a comeback in a big way. Ana Coto, an actress and dancer in LA, has already made a huge splash on the app for her roller-skating videos. In fact, Coto has been so popular she’s being credited with inspiring other young people to pick up skating for the first time, with Google Trends showing a recent surge in searches for “roller skates”.