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Instagram Adds Polling Stickers

In Blog by Courtney Legare

Instagram has made Stories more interactive by adding a new “poll” sticker to their Stories feature. This fully customisable sticker enables any user to pose their own question and defaults the answers to Yes and No, however, you can edit those to be whatever you want. Just drag and drop the sticker as you would with any other one and type away your Q & A’s.

The new feature allows people viewing your story to tap on a choice to vote and will then show the overall real-time results. To see the results for yourself, simply open up the viewers list for that image or video on your story, and it will show you total vote numbers, who voted and what they chose.

You’ll also see two new tools to help make your stories even more creative: a colour picker for text and brushes and an alignment tool for text and stickers.

When choosing a colour for your text or drawing tool, you will now see a new eyedropper icon at the far left. Use it to select any colour from your photo or video and apply it to your text or drawing tool.

Another nice new feature for iOS users is that when you now position text or a sticker on your photo or video, blue lines will appear to help you centre it or avoid placing it anywhere that might get covered up when someone watches your story. And when you rotate text or a sticker, new guides will also help you snap your sticker back to horizontal.

What do you think about the new “poll” sticker feature? We at Eight Clients are into the new interactive feature!